QuickBooks Script Error

In QuickBooks, script errors are caused by problems in executing commands when QuickBooks applications on the user’s computer try to access an online feature. Errors may also occur when third-party applications like Java or Flash interact with QuickBooks’ applications such as Online Service Center and QuickBooks Online, as well as QuickBooks’ desktop software, such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, etc.

The errors might be displayed as ‘Script Error’ or ‘Error in Script’. But the errors might also be in the following format:
Script error line #### character ## object ####
Whatever be the format, these errors occur if the functions processing the scripts are blocked or the script software has been damaged and/or the data related to it is incompatible.

Given below are some of the causes and their solutions:

Causes and Solutions

The browser cache is full or has been corrupted:

User must delete the Internet Explorer temp files, cookies and browsing history used with merchant services.

There’s a problem with the browser configuration:

Internet Explorer must be configured so that it can work with QuickBooks applications.

ActiveX components are damaged: The damaged components must be removed.

Script debugging has been turned on: Go to Internet explorer and select the Tools menu and then ‘Internet Options’. Now select the ‘Advanced’ tab and go to the ‘Settings’ box and select ‘Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)’ and ‘Disable script debugging (Other)’.

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Security application is preventing the script from functioning: Security application(s) must be configured to permit scripts when QuickBooks Desktop is processing or installed completely.

Important: If security application is disabled, new data input will be disabled, which will block functions as long as the application is installed. Contact IT experts if needed.

QuickBooks data file is corrupted: The data damage must be resolved. For any data-related problem, contact QuickBooks Desktop Support Team.

The Windows User is damaged: A new Windows administrator user must be created.

The script processing software has been damaged: Java, Adobe Flash and .Net Framework must be reinstalled. Windows admin access must be available for these installations. Windows 8 users might not be able to install the applications with Internet Explorer and will have to use a different browser or use ‘Windows Updates’.

Malware has been installed: Run a full system scan to check if the computer or applications have been corrupted.
The above-mentioned steps should be performed by the IT team or an IT expert.

Other measures

Checking operating system files

On the Start menu, choose ‘Search’ and type in ‘SFC/SCANNOW’ in the search box to check all system files. If a problem is detected, user must follow all the recommended steps.

Note: The process is lengthy and will run for several minutes.

Checking for disk errors

Go to ‘Windows Start’ and choose ‘Computer’. User must now right-click the C:/ drive and navigate to the ‘Tools’ tab. Windows 7 users might have to go to ‘Properties’ to select ‘Tools’.
In the ‘Error Checking’ section, select the ‘Check Now’ button.

Note: In the ‘Check Disk’ window, user must not check the two boxes unless indicated by the IT department or an IT expert.

Taking the above measures should solve any script errors. But if the errors persist, or if the users require more information/assistance, they should contact the QuickBooks Desktop Technical Support Team at this toll-free number ✆1-855-481-5338. QuickBooks Desktop Support personnel provide 24*7 global assistance.

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