QuickBooks Software Crash Catcher Error

QuickBooks is known to be robust software for financial management that offers high quality business efficiency with ease of use. However, at times the software is also prone to errors during working.

The Crash Catcher error in QuickBooks is related to Mac computer users. The error occurs while updating to the latest Mac Mojave OS or while performing any action in the application. The error occurs mostly in the 2018 or earlier versions of QuickBooks.

When the user performs any action in QuickBooks Error they get the following message – “Crash Catcher- An error has occurred, and QuickBooks must quit”  and the error message window generates a crash log file after which it displays a message “QuickBooks quit unexpectedly”.

Why Does The Crash Carter Error Occur In QuickBooks

QuickBooks keeps pushing many slipstream updates to fix bugs as a part of its maintenance drive. These updates are meant to facilitate new features in the software and this is the reason that it is important not to ignore the updates sent by QuickBooks.

Other reasons for Crash Carter Error

  • Unverified company data file
  • Operating with User account with no administrative rights
  • Another app on the computer obstructing the QuickBooks process

How to Resolve The Crash Carter Error In QuickBooks For Mac?

Analyze the reasons above and try to attempt the solutions given below:

1. Solution One: Update QuickBooks application to the latest released version

  • Open QuickBooks application
  • Click the Taskbar at the top and select Check for QuickBooks Updates
  • If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to update
  • Else, if it is already updated to the latest release, install QB again

2. Solution Two: Verify The Integrity of The Company File

  • Go to File > Utilities > Verify Data
  • If there is a problem detected, again go to File > Utilities > Rebuild Data
  • Rerun the Verify Data tool from step 1 again
  • If it still fails, restore a backup

3. Solution Three: Safe Boot Your Computer

  • Press the Power button and also press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard
  • When you get to the Desktop open QuickBooks and perform the same task
  • If you do not face a problem in Safe Boot, there may be a possibility of a conflict between QuickBooks and something installed on the computer.
  • You can return to normal startup after verifying this

4. Method Four: Create a New Mac User Account

  • Click on the Users & group icon, into the System preference tab.
  • Then press the Add button.
  • Add new user with administrator rights
  • Now open the Account and Software for use.

However, you can contact AccountingErrors tech support team for help to resolve the issue in a normal startup.

If you’ve tried all the steps above and have looked through Report Center, etc. – and you crash again, you can call the tech support team of accounting errors. Our QuickBooks support specialists have the right diagnostic tools to get to the root cause of any issue in QuickBooks.

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  1. How do you explain QuickBooks software crash catcher error?

    When you keep ignoring the update of QB software and continue using the outdated application version then you come across this error. However, this regular update is also known as maintenance release that usually fixes certain errors. It also helps you to utilize the improved features. There are multiple reasons due to which the error happens like unverified company file, third-party blocking the QuickBooks processes, or you might have sufficient Admin rights.

  2. How do we open QuickBooks Desktop for Mac with full Administrative Rights?

    First, go to the System Preferences and click on the icon “Users & Groups”. Next, hit the Add button and add a new user with Administrative Rights. At last, login to your system using credentials for this new account.

  3. Is the running of the Rebuild Data Utility helping me to fix QuickBooks software crash catcher error?

    Yes, sometimes, running of the Rebuild Data Utility helps you to fix QuickBooks software crash catcher error if none of the solutions work. You can fix by following these steps: First, you have to open QuickBooks and go to the File menu and click Utilities. Select the “Verify Data” until the process is finished. In case, the issue is found then run the “Rebuilt Data Tool”. If “Verify/Rebuild process” fails then try to recover your system.

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