Quickbooks Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Error

Quickbooks has been proven a great utility as an accounting and finance managing software. Being utilized by the small and medium-sized businesses, Quickbooks has become one of the most useful software over the years for its great capability to handle and manage the payroll, paybooks and tax tables without hassle.

It cuts down the excessive use of paper and manpower while adding some extra time on one’s clock. But even Quickbooks is susceptible to errors and glitches which might hinder one’s work. These errors and glitches could be dealt with very easily by using a little bit of technical knowledge.

What is Quickbooks Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Errors?

At times when one is printing state forms or forms 940, 941, DC Form FR 900A, DC Form FR 900B, W2 and W3, we receive these errors:

  • Unknown client-specific tax form printing error: 214, 539, 202, or 10508.
  • Unknown Client specific tax form printing error 900.

The errors mentioned above have specific conditions. Errors 214, 539, 202 or 10508 take place when Tax Table form files are either missing or damaged. This happens because of the hindered download or installation of the Tax Table. While error 900 occurs once we surpass the 12 payments for the year for which we are preparing the form.

Ways of Resolving Quickbooks Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Errors

We are going to go through a few simple solutions to resolve these errors. We assume that you have an active Quickbooks Payroll Subscription:

1. Solution One : To resolve Unknown client-specific tax form printing error: 214, 539, 202, or 10508

  • Please look at the list and check out the active and inactive items for the invalid characters. The invalid characters could be a or a Space, where there are not supposed to be there:
    • Payroll Item List
    • Employee Name List
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Vendor List
    • Company Information window
  • We will update Quickbooks to its most recent release. Make sure that all the updates are selected on the Options Tab.
  • We’ll download the latest Tax Table.
  • Finally, we will perform a full uninstall/reinstall in Selective Startup.

How to Generate Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop?

2. Solution Two : Unknown Client specific tax form printing error 900

  • Select Lists from the top toolbar of
  • Select Payroll Item> Highlight DC-Withholding payroll item.
  • Press CTRL Q to open a quick report.
  • Click Modify Report> Display Tab> Dates> Select the last calendar year.
  • Click Filter> Choose Filter> Select transaction type.
  • Click the down arrow beneath Transaction Type> Payroll Liability Check> Ok
  • In the display report, there will be more than 12 liability checks in the year:
    • Either we will remove the checks that do not belong to the current year, or we will merge checks until we reach 12 in total.
  • Once the liability checks are consolidated and there are only 12 of them left, we shall be able to prepare the annual reconciliation form.

You should be able to resolve your Quickbooks Unknown Client-specific Tax Form Printing Error by following the methods provided above. The process is simple. In case you require some extra help in resolving the issues, or you need assistance with some other Quickbooks related technical issues, you can get in touch with the Quickbooks Technical Support Team. They are a third-party vendors who have a great expertise in dealing with Quickbooks related issues.

You can get in touch with one of the Quickbooks Technical Support Experts by calling at their toll-free number ✆ 1-855-481-5338. They provide their services 24*7, and across the world.