QuickBooks Update Error 15101

About QuickBooks Update Error 15101

Error Name:Error 15101Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:Error 15101: When updating QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:The error occurs at the updating time of payroll or QuickBooks., Pending the updating of internet explorer digital signature.Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, Windows operating system got frezon.Possible Solution:We’ll setup Digital Signature certificate, Safe Mode loads Windows with the lowest number of drivers required to run the Windows OS.

What is QuickBooks Update Error 15101

QuickBooks error 15101 might occur during or after a payroll or software upgrade. Some of the most common causes are incorrect internet settings or software that isn’t working properly. The error is also encountered if you don’t have a correctly installed digital signature certificate. You need to have proper internet settings by configuring your LAN setting on the Internet to resolve it.

Error: QuickBooks Error 15101

Error Message: Error 15101: When updating QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll

Causes of QuickBooks update error 15101

There are a few possible reasons that trigger QuickBooks error code 15101:

  • The error occurs at the updating time of payroll or QuickBooks.
  • Windows file gets damaged.
  • The internet explorer settings are unacceptable.
  • Pending the updating of  internet explorer digital signature.
  • Problem with internet setup.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Update Error 15101


System Requirements to avoid QuickBooks Update Error 15101

system requirements

Precautions to take before Resolutions QuickBooks Update Error 15101

precautions to take

How to Resolve QuickBooks Update Error 15101?

These errors could be resolved by following some simple methods. We are going to explore all of them to help you out with your QuickBooks issue:

1. Method One: We’ll setup Digital Signature certificate

When downloading a QuickBooks update, Intuit servers ask for a confirmation of the digital signature of QuickBooks. If for some reason, the digital signature authentication is missing, you will need to fix it manually as per the given steps to fix QuickBooks error 15101.

  • We’ll go to the windows bar and search for .QBW32.exe. Its location will be: C:\Program\files\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  • We right-click on the file and open its Properties.
  • Now, we’ll click on Digital Signature tab to ensure that Intuit, Inc. is selected.
  • Details> View Certificate
  • Now, we will keep clicking on throughout the next steps until we reach Finish.
  • We’ll restart the computer and reopen QuickBooks.
  • Finally, we’ll initiate the update.

2. Method Two:

In this method, we’ll ensure that our Firewall protection is on and a good antivirus is installed on our computer. We do this to ensure that we have Internet Protection both inside and outside of our computer. Sometimes Firewalls are not configured to approve QuickBooks updates, hence, creating errors while trying to do so.

3. Method Three: Safe mode

In case, none of the options are available above work, you can try to open your computer in Safe Mode. Safe Mode loads Windows with the lowest number of drivers required to run the Windows OS. Safe Mode utilizes the major versions of the drivers to load the software.

Now your computer will start in safe mode with networking.

How does it work?

We have access to a high-speed internet connection on our computer. Now we will restart your computer. If the start button is not visible on the computer screen, then your computer is unresponsive. Restart your computer again.

However, in case the system fails to load, we’ll locate the reset button in the system, or we’ll restart the computer only after 30 seconds.

As the computer starts and the Windows launches, we’ll follow these steps to ensure our error is fixed:

  • Now we’ll keep pressing the F8 key until the system restarts. Now we will be able to see the Advanced Options menu. From here we’ll select Safe Mode w/ Networking and press enter. Please note that we will use this option only when we are having problems with Internet, otherwise, we will use Safe Mode.
  • After the first step, we’ll have to select which Operating Software to use to restart our system.
  • We’ll choose Administrator to access all the programs installed on the computer. After entering the administrator password and select yes to indicate that we are willing to work safe mode.
  • In this final step, we’ll open your QuickBooks to try to update it again.
  • If the connection is established, then it means that there was some problem with the QuickBooks connectivity while operating it in Windows Standard Mode. Now it is up to you to observe what creates the problem in QuickBooks while operating it in Standard Mode.
  • Once we are done with the task, we’ll restart the computer in Standard mode.

The methods provided above should resolve your QuickBooks Update Error 1501 or any other 1500 error series. However, if you find yourself unable to complete the task by yourself, or you need assistance with some other QuickBooks or related product problems, you can get in touch with the QuickBooks Team. They are a third-party agency that has great expertise in resolving QuickBooks-related issues.

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  1. Does safe mode fix the QuickBooks Update Error 15101?

    Yes, safe mode fixes the error code 15101 when you are not able to work in the normal mode. 

    To switch in Safe mode follow the steps below:-

    1. When you select the Safe mode then also select the operating system
    2. Press Enter key
    3. Just after it click on the login
    4. Then select the System Administrator with that you can access all programs and applications of the system
    5. Type the password of the administrator to log in
    6. Click on the Yes option in safe mode for specific work
    7. Open your QuickBooks software and now do the work that causes you to error 15101
    8. After this, restart your computer in normal mode, and you are done.

  2. What if I do uninstall and reinstall my QuickBooks 2020 software to fix QuickBooks error code 15101?

    You can do the uninstall and then reinstall process of your QuickBooks 2020 software or any other version of the software. if it resolves your problem then it is good. Otherwise, you have to find out the reason and then implement the solution to fix the error.

  3. Is there any specific file that I have to run to fix QuickBooks error code 15101?

    Yes, there is a file named reboot.bat that you can run as administrator. it helps your computer to re-register the .ocx, .dll, and other products file into your Windows operating system. So, you just have to locate it and then run it. After this, restart your system and open the QuickBooks software.

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