Fix QuickBooks Update Server not Responding Error

QuickBooks is a good option to use as all in one accounting solution for your business. You never want to face any issue with you or account in tool but sometimes user face QuickBooks error 15215. It is one of the common problems that occur in QuickBooks and it occurs when user wants to perform the payroll update and maintenance release in QuickBooks.

This problem can occur in your QuickBooks when the access to the server is restricted or not responding. It is very important to update the server of QuickBooks regularly but you do not want to face such errors in your accounting tool during maintenance and release.

Causes of QuickBooks Update Server not Responding:

If you are also facing this error 15215 in your QuickBooks, there can be various causes for this problem. This error in your QuickBooks can be caused by any other program that is running in background when you want to download any payroll update in QuickBooks.

It can also be caused by incorrect configuration of your Internet explorer in computer. They can be some more causes of this problem but these are main causes when you face the error of update server not responding in your accounting tool.

How to Fix QuickBooks Update Server not Responding

If you want to solve this error of QuickBooks update server not responding, you need to close your accounting tool and then you need to run MSconfig in your system. It will open system configuration utility program where you will choose the selective startup and will clear load startup items in it.

Then you will need to check if TLS 1.0 is checked and others or unchecked in your Internet Explorer. Then you will need to restart your computer and need to download latest tax table in your QuickBooks. It will help you to fix the error 15215 in your QuickBooks tool.

Trouble Shooting Method 1:

To resolve this issue, run your QuickBooks Desktop as an admin with these following steps:

  • The first thing you have to do close all programs and shut down the QuickBooks
  • Then go to the desktop window and hit your click on the “Desktop” icon
  • After that, choose “Run as administrator” option
  • If this message “Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer” will pop-up on your screen then click on “YES”
  • After that, check whether the issue is resolved or not

Trouble Shooting Method 2:

Manually installing updates with the below steps:

  • First of all, you have to view the most recent version of QuickBooks
  • After that, make sure about which product you have chosen
  • Then, click on the “Change option” and hit next click on the “QuickBooks Product”
  • Proceed forward and click on the “Update option” and select the location where you want to save the file
  • Once you are done with download processing, hit double-click on the “Install the Update option” and wait until the installation process is not completed.
  • Then, restart your window with new configurations
  • After that, you have to open “QuickBooks” to view updating the latest version and press on the “F2” key.

Trouble Shooting Method 3:

You have to restart the windows in the selective startup

  • The first thing you have to do to close your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then, select the “Run” option and view the window version
    • For Windows XP: Start > Run
    • For Windows 7 and Vista: Click on “Start”>> “All Programs”>>” Accessories”>>” Run”
    • For window 8 and 10: Press the letter “R” on your keyboard
  • Then, go to towards to the “Run Field” and then enter “misconfig.” and click on OK
  • After that, system configuration utility options will pop-up on your screen
  • Click on the “Selective Startup” and erase all load startup items checkbox
  • To save all new changes, click on the “Save” button
  • Then restart your system and download the latest version of “Tax Table”
  • Follow on-screen instruction and you successfully download the update
  • Select the “Normal startup checkbox” and then click on OK
  • Again, restart your system and check whether the issue is resolved or not

If you are unable to solve this error of QuickBooks update server not responding, you will need to get the services of Technical professionals. You can easily search for online support service providers of QuickBooks and you can get their help to solve this problem of update server not responding in QuickBooks. They will give you online technical support and will help you to get a permanent solution of this problem as soon as possible. They provide 24/7 services to QuickBooks users so you can contact them anytime for problem solution.

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1. Why is QuickBooks not responding?

There are so many possible causes but usually, it freezes due to corrupted or damaged files. It may be the case that the company name is excessively long, or you  corruption or damaging issue on your hard drive

2. Why is my QuickBooks window freezing?

This issue occurs, when you use an outdated version of the windows operating system. QuickBooks freezes when the foundation applications more space to store the data and all related business information. QuickBooks freezing up issue likewise happens when User Account Control damages the user preference file and DDF files.

3. Which QuickBooks features would it be advisable for you to access to set the closing date of your company file?

To set a closing date, you have to choose the “EDIT” option first and then click on “Accounting” from the drop-down menu. Enter your next click on the “Company preference” tab and then enter the “Closing date” in the date section via which you can close. Make sure, the closing date nearly to the end of the recently completed year

4. How would I manually update the QuickBooks?

To manually update the QuickBooks, enter your first click on the “QuickBooks” icon, and then go to the “Run as an administrator” option. Go to the “No Company Open” window to track the “Help” menu and then choose the “Update QuickBooks” option. Then, click on the “Update Now” option and you are all set to check the “Rest Update Box”.