QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error

Looking for the solution of “QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error” so you have bumped into the right place. QuickBooks is a software that is widely used in the organization for the financial management it is equipped with all the facilities like managing and paying the bills, Credit Card Processing, Intuit Payment Network, Payroll related functioning, Live support, Online backup, Accountant’s Copy File Transfer (ACFT) service etc. and it is also integrated with sage 50 software to make the process more effective and easy. QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error occurs either when the user is logged into the company file by Remote Access, and forgot to log out from the prior session or the same username is already logged in to the company file from another workstation.Here we have provided the solution to this problem and we have also mentioned ways to disable the QuickBooks messenger and close QuickBooks so that you do not face the error QuickBooks User Already Logged In.

To resolve the QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error you need to follow the steps provided below:

● Firstly open the Task manager and end all the processes of QuickBooks that are opened.
❖ For opening the Task Manager press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at a time.
❖ Then click on the processes tab in Task manager.
❖ Next select the processes that starts with qb and end all the opened process.
● Then login on the company data file.
● If still the same error is displayed then you need to again start the server storing and hosting of company data files.
● After doing this Open QuickBooks on your system and try to Log in to the company data file.
● If you still face Log In fail problem try to Login as another user or contact your QuickBooks administrator to reset your password.
● By following this process your QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error will be resolved.
● In worst case if it is still logged in you need to, Restore a backup that was made before the issue occurred and re-enter the data.

Also you can Disable QuickBooks Messenger and close the QuickBooks for another user for this follow the given steps:

Note: Only the Administrator has the authority to Log off a user from QuickBooks file.

To Disable QuickBooks Messenger

● Firstly Log in as the administrator in the multi user mode.
● Then select the Utilities tab under File menu.
● Next click on the Disable QuickBooks Messenger option.
● Further, Log out from the company file.
● Now log in again.

Close QuickBooks for another user:

● Firstly Launch the QuickBooks Messenger.
● Then, click on Actions drop-down list.
● After that you need to select the Close Company File for Users option.
● Next, Select the user for whom you want to close the access of QuickBooks.
● Further, Click on the Close Company File button and click on the yes button that will appear on the confirmation box.

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