QuickBooks POS Merchant Account Could Not Be Validated

QuickBooks Merchant Account QuickBooks software provides merchant accounts to process credit/debit card payment transactions. At times, users while making a payment transaction using QuickBooks Point of Sale, QB POS, get the message “Merchant Account Could Not Be Validated”. This is one of the common problems in QuickBooks Desktop software. What do you do? What is … Read more

3 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 121

QuickBooks POS Error 121 encounters when you attempt to log in from the system which is not an administrator. The error message pop on your screen is associated with a notification that you are denied to choose the timeouts. This error is also referred to as permission denied which interrupts while installing the software update. … Read more

.NET 4.X needed to install updates on QB POS v 12

QuickBooks Point Of Sale is the one-stop solution from QuickBooks which is reliable for your small and medium-size business. This Intuit product comes in both desktop as well as online versions. It is one of the most recognized solutions among the retail industry but there are certain instances where a user may come across some … Read more

QuickBooks POS Unauthorized Please Log in again

You have installed point of sale (POS) on your QuickBooks desktop. QuickBooks Point of Sale QB POS helps in fast, easy credit card processing. Once the account has been created and you have added payments to your payment system integrated with QuickBooks, you can use credit and debit cards for payment transactions. But, sometimes, users … Read more

Not able to add credit card in QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS Credit Card Adding a credit card in the QuickBooks POS is a tricky job. Generally, you cannot add any additional payment-related options in the QuickBooks Point of Sale. In this article, we will guide you on how you can add a credit card to QuickBooks POS. Steps to add credit card details in … Read more

Network Connection Error in QuickBooks POS

While using QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS), users at times face the problem of Network Connection Error.  The Network Connection Error also occurs when the users try to open QuickBooks company files on a client workstation for the payment transactions. An improper configuration can affect the network connections of POS. When the network does not … Read more

Credit Card Machine was not Accessing QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS! Credit Card Machine At times, when you try to process credit cards using QuickBooks, you get error messages such as “Invalid transaction” or “not authorized to process credit card payments”. The reason for such an error is that your Credit Card Machine was not Accessing QuickBooks POS or Payment of Systems. Such a … Read more

How to Solution POS Is Not Transferring Data to QuickBooks

QuickBooks includes unlimited features and tools which give the latest & advanced information, maximum benefits to the QuickBooks users and help them to work accurately. While working with QuickBooks sometimes, you might face errors like “POS data is not transferring data to QuickBooks “. Today in the below article we will discuss the methods to … Read more

Resolve POS Error on Store Exchange 175137

QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 175137 QuickBooks Point Of Sale is a retail solution that enables users to follow sales, customers, and inventories effectively. It is recognized and a reliable solution that will run your store smoothly. POS Error on Store Exchange 175137 It is available in both desktop versions and online versions. Its features … Read more

QuickBooks POS not reading Credit card

QuickBooks POS Credit Card With QuickBooks Desktop Software, comes Quick Books Point of Sale, QB POS software, which helps in payment transactions through credit card/debit card easily and quickly. However, while using the QuickBooks POS, you might come across the problem of QuickBooks POS not reading Credit Card. When such an error occurs in the … Read more