Setup & Configure QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

A highly recommendable and useful tool offered by Intuit is the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If you would like help with installing, updating, and setting up the QuickBooks Database Manager, then read this blog. “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” a utility that enables your configuration with QuickBooks to access on multi-user platform. QuickBooks is an accounting … Read more

Delete Company in Quickbooks

QuickBooks Online Delete Company

You need to Purge or delete the QuickBooks Online data but you have no clue as where to begin from. This quick guide will lead you through the process very smoothly and ensure that you are able to delete the company file from QuickBooks Online. Further, you can find how to replace the online data … Read more

Forgot or Don’t Know your QuickBooks Default Admin Password?


QuickBooks is one of the most advanced accounting solution. It is developed very meticulously, keeping in mind all the security requirements. Therefore, there is a default admin password for QuickBooks, which helps you to manage a lot of things. It is a must to not only configure but to remember or save the QuickBooks default … Read more

Backup and Restore .qbb File in QuickBooks

Backup and Restore .qbb File

When you are using the QuickBooks for your business accounts and you want to change the QuickBooks from one system to another, you always want to get your important company data safe. Whether you want to change QuickBooks from one system to another or want to clean install the QuickBooks to solve an issue, you … Read more

How to Restore QuickBooks 2015 on Desktop without any Error

You may want to restore QuickBooks due to various reasons. But generally you may want to restore QuickBooks: In case you current company file is corrupted, you can restore a backup that was made before the files got corrupted. If you would like to recover the data that you lost, you can restore all the files … Read more

How to Create and Manage Journal Entry in QuickBooks

Journal Entry in QuickBooks

Journal entries in QuickBooks are related to making adjustment to the accounts which are otherwise quite unrealistic or difficult with the help of point of sale. Creating these entries is neither too difficult nor too easy. They are created with the help of Make General Journal Entry window in QuickBooks. There are few important points … Read more

How to Set Up an Owners Equity Account in QuickBooks?

Set Up an Owners Equity Account in QuickBooks

Financing your business with your funds can help improve your company’s cash flow. It can also make more funds available for the purchase of new equipment, machinery, recruiting extra staff, and carrying out research and development. To set up accounts to keep track of your partners’ and owners’ funds to draw or invest from a … Read more

How to Remove a Specific Audit Trail from QuickBooks?

Remove a Specific Audit Trail from QuickBooks

Prior to understanding and proceeding with the removal of the Audit Trail, it is important to be aware of what exactly QuickBooks audit trail is.  Whatever data it may be, you might require tracking the changes made to them from time to time. This helps you check if the rectification made were needed or there … Read more

How to Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks in One Go

Delete Multiple Transactions in Quickbooks

QuickBooks has made accounting a lot easier. It can record all the entries and without an error, it can easily get updated in no time. Record maintenance task includes more than just recording entries. It may include the task to eliminate some entries as well. When the number of entries is less than 5, it … Read more