Reasons for Getting ‘Revoked Certificate Errors’ While Connecting Add-ons to QuickBooks Desktop

Are you using QuickBooks Desktop version to manage the finances of your small or medium business? QuickBooks accounting software is a powerful tool to manage the finances, but if you are using an older version of QuickBooks Desktop to manage your business accounts then while trying to run some older version of desktop add-ons with it you might sometimes face problem in connecting these add-on application to QuickBooks.

This problem of connecting add-ons with QuickBooks started was first experienced by only a few QuickBooks users but now a large number of users have started facing this technical issue. The error is displayed as Revoked Certificate Warning when you try to connect any add-on program or application to QuickBooks Desktop.

Digital Signature as the possible cause for Revoked Certificate Error

All the desktop software comes with a digital signature which verifies that the software that you are trying to install on your computer is a genuine product and not a pirated one. So in a way this digital signing of desktop software is good for your computer as installing a pirated software on your computer may corrupt your computer and may even result into the stand still of your business. While connecting an add-on program to QuickBooks also the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software will first verify that the add-on program that you are trying to connect with QuickBooks is a genuine application or not. You might face three situations while connecting an add-on program to QuickBooks Desktop.

In the first case, the add-on program might be an authentic one and is signed digitally by the maker. In this case you can easily connect the add-on program to QuickBooks. In the second case, the software might not be digitally signed by the maker of the program. In this scenario, QuickBooks will prompt a message saying that this particular add-on is not digitally signed and may be a counterfeit software or application.

However, the message will also say that if you still want to continue you can connect the add-on program to the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. The third case is where you would get the Revoked Certificate Error message while connecting an add-on program to QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. This message might be displayed when the maker of the add-on has discontinued its support for the certificate.

This is the case in which the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software would not permit the add-on program to connect with it. The possible reason for software developers to discontinue support to their products is that they are using an old method (SHA-1) to sign their products digitally. This old method of digitally signing products can be easily broken. Therefore, Microsoft is recommending software developers to start using a more secure method for digitally signing their products. This new and secured method is known as SHA-256.

Software giant Microsoft Inc has already started releasing updates to its Windows operating systems which invalidates the software and programs that are signed using the old method (SHA-1) of signing digitally. The latest version of Microsoft operating system i.e. Windows 10 has already got this update. Gradually this update will be released for previous versions of Windows operating systems (Windows 8 and Windows 7) also by Microsoft.

Therefore, you should be prepared that once your Windows operating system gets the update you would not be able to run those software or applications that carry the old method (SHA-1) of digital signature. And, if you try to connect an add-on program to QuickBooks Desktop accounting software that does not bear the new code signing certificate i.e.

SHA-256 then you would get the Revoked Certificate Error. In this scenario, the reason of getting this error might not be that the developer of that add-on program has revoked his certificate but it is the Windows operating system that is not accepting the old certificate bearing program, and on the basis of this QuickBooks would not allow the add-on program to be connected with it.

The strange and interesting thing is that if you are trying to connect an add-on program that is not even digitally signed then you would not face any such issue. You can easily connect an unsigned add-on program with QuickBooks, but by doing so you would be putting in danger the sensitive information that you have stored in QuickBooks.

Causes of Revoked Certification Errors

  • If the QuickBooks Web connector is not up to date or interrupted .
  • Identifying if the third-party digital signature is invalid.

How you can avoid facing Revoked Certificate Error message

If you get the Revoked Certificate Error message while connecting an add-on program to QuickBooks, it means the add-on program is being signed digitally using the older method of certification. In such a situation, you can approach the developer of that particular add-on program to update the program using the new certificate.

The developer might charge a particular amount of money for doing so for you. However, if you are using an add-on program that cannot be updated due to some technical reasons such as old components used during the development of program or if the maker company of that particular add-on program is no more existing then in this case you have to drop the idea of connecting that program to QuickBooks and look for some other alternative.

How to resolve the QuickBooks Application with Revoked Certificate Errors issues?

Follow the below-mentioned Troubleshooting steps to resolve the Revoked Certificate 

Step 1:  In the first step, you have to check the QuickBooks Web connector is up to date to the latest edition 

  • Firstly, the user need to view the web connector from the window start menu ‘
  • Then you have to select the open option 
  • Now, you have to view from the top-menu of the web connector window in order to view the current version number 
  • In any case, if a user is required to update then it needs to download and install the latest web connector version.

Step 2: After following the above step, user required to identify the presence of third-party digital signature is valid  

  • Initially, you have to hit the right-click on the Application icon and then select the Open file location 
  • Hit the next right-click on the Application extension and then select the Properties menu 
  • Go to the Digital Signature tab and then perform the displayed prompt to the name of the signer 
  • Then, you have to choose the details in the signature list 
  • Give a click on the View Certificate option from the general tab 
  • Now, you have to view the certificate from the general tab 
  • Users also have the choice to view the valid dates
  • The last step is to click on the OK button and you are all resolved with this error.
Need Professional Help?

Hopefully you would have got a clear idea about the reasons behind getting the Revoked Certificate Error while trying to connect an add-on program to QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. If you are still doubtful about the reasons behind the display of this error, you can contact our QuickBooks Support Team by visiting our website Our QuickBooks experts can help you resolve any technical issue that you might come across while using QuickBooks to manage your business account. Our QuickBooks tech professionals can assist you in installing the software update for the add-on program that you want to connect to QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. For more info, Call .

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  1. How can I resolve the QuickBooks Revoked Certificate Errors while connecting Add-Ons to QuickBooks Desktop?

    The first thing you have to do is view the QuickBooks Web Connector and make a sure update to the latest release. To do this, open the start menu and then locate the web connector. Hit the click on the Open button. Now, you have to view and ensure the third-party digital signature is valid to end with this process.

  2. Why did I receive the revoked certificate errors while connecting the Add-Ons to the QuickBooks Desktop?

    This error usually happens when QuickBooks add-on Program is being signed digitally utilizing the order method of the certification. It will also happen when you run the program on the outdated version.

  3. How do I get rid of revocation information for resolving the QuickBooks revoked certificate errors?

    To get rid of this error, the user has to disable the alert. Then, open an Internet explorer. Now, go to the Tools menu and choose the Internet Options.  Hit the click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security tab. After this, you need to disable the check for the server certificate revocation. The last step is to internet Explorer must be restarted to view all changes.

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