How to Repair Form Template in QuickBooks 2016 Version?

QuickBooks is quite a common name, especially in the market of accounting software. Designed by Intuit, as a bridge to fill the gap between business owners and accounting of business finances, QuickBooks has reached at all time high position and is continuing to remain on the top with its innovative and powerful features. Aside from being highly professional, QuickBooks also offers user friendly interface and easy to understand navigation of the software that makes it quite popular with novice computer users and fresher accountants.

Features like intelligent reporting have garnered much attention from the financial professionals like bookkeepers, accountants and managers. These reports and forms can be designed manually or templates provided can be used. The form templates include formats for Sales order and receipts, Invoices, Estimates and Purchase orders. You can locate these templates by clicking on the ‘List’ tab from the menu bar and then selecting ‘Templates’ option. It consists of customizable templates designed by Intuit and you.

These templates are also error prone and at times get damaged which makes working with them difficult. You can try to repair those templates using Rebuild data and Verify Data application. However, there is no guarantee that the tools will be able to locate and repair the damaged templates. Another option is to repair them manually using the instructions enumerated below:

Step for Repair a Form Template

  1. Go to Menu bar on you dashboard and select ‘Lists’ tab followed by ‘Templates’ option.
  2. Select the damaged template form and right click on it. Now click on the arrow on the bottom left side.
  3. From the drop down menu select Duplicate option.
  4. Now move to Select Template Type option and choose your template as per your preference. Then click on OK.
  5. After this double click on the copied template which opens up the Basic Customization window.
  6. You will see Advanced Customization option at the bottom of the current window.
  7. Now select Default button located at bottom-center of the advanced customization window – This ensures that all the modified actions on the templates are removed and it is reset to default format.
  8. Now click on OK button in the Advanced Customization Window.
  9. Again click on OK tab on the Basic Customization Window.
  10. Now to see if the issues is resolved or not. For this test the default template and try to create any form. If you do not face any issues, you can create the template by using the copy option

If you still face the issue you should contact the customer support of QuickBooks or the company Intuit itself. At times due to long queue you might not be able to get in touch with the support in time. In such case you can contact through their Toll Free Number 1-855-481-5338 for prompt and responsive support.

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