How to Resolve the Issue of ‘Unable to Open Sage 50 cx’?

If you are here, then the possibility is that your Sage 50 is refusing to start and you are looking for a quick solution to deal with the issue. If you are getting error messages like, “Sage 50 cannot be started, please reboot”, “Sage 50 Accounting cannot be started. Please try again”, “Sage 50 cannot be started…” or, you are unable to open company/ able to open program but not the company, then we might have a solution for you right here.

What are the causes of such failures?

Causes for such problems could range from your company folder containing outdated or damaged file, damaged reports folder and pervasive not running to server network being set to public.

We would suggest you create a backup of all of your data before you proceed with the advanced solution mentioned below. It is advised to contact a Sage customer support analyst for such processes.

  • Data is corrupted.
  • Or  data is locked.
  • Data is blocked by the antivirus, unable to access the data
  • The sage 50 cx version is outdated.
  • Maybe the network is slow.
  • Also the conversation process is blocked by McAfee’s real-time scanning.
  • And windows os is outdated.

Now we will proceed with the process of getting your Sage 50 back to the working state:

  • Verify that the Pervasive is online either on the Workstation or Standalone. Now check if it is online on the Server.
  • If the problem is from the computer causing the issue:
    • Press the WIndow Key + R Key
    • The run box will appear. Type: services.msc
    • Now we want to scroll down to Pervasive ‘PSQL Workgroup Engine’
    • Press the right-click. Check that it is running/stopped. (We want it running)
    • We will repeat the same steps for the Server now. If it is running and we are still getting an error, we will follow the next step.

1. Step One: Deleting the corrupt company files

  • Select File>Open Company (Note down the location of your company’s directory), Close the program
  • Press Windows Key + E Key
  • Now we shall browse the directory we got from the first step.
  • Now delete all the .DATtemp, .DATptl, .DDF, .LCK, .MKD, .PTL, .PTR, and .RPT files. We shall further delete some files, if they are present, namely, OPTIONS.DAT, STATUS.DAT and RPTDATA.DAT.
  • Now we shall be able to open the company without any repercussions.

(*Since we have deleted a few files from the directory, some of them must recreate themselves again. If we do not see any of the deleted files reappear and the error continues to appear, we ought to continue to the next step)

2. Step Two: About 10 files only are recreated once being deleted following the first step.

  • Now we will Replace the Pervasive.
  • Follow the step one once again.

In case we have a damaged Reports Folder in Sage 50, we shall follow these steps:

  • We shall exit from Sage 50 on all of the systems connected to the server.
  • Now on the master computer (one that holds the data), open the Data Path.
  • We shall rename the Reports to Old Reports.
  • Run the Repair.
  • Now we shall be able to open the company without any repercussions.

Following this quick guide, you will be able to open your Sage 50 cx. The error messages that popped up earlier should have stopped appearing by now. In case, you face any difficulty while performing the procedure or the error keeps appearing even after resolving the issue, you can always contact a Sage customer support analyst to help you out. We are a third-party Sage support company which has expertise in dealing with critical Sage problems. Our Sage technical support experts can provide the easiest solution in the fastest possible time.

You can contact them by calling at their toll-free helpline number . They are available 24*7 and provide their services across the world.

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