Restrict User Permission in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software designed for small and medium sized businesses. This is why QuickBooks also supports multiple users. The number of users differ according to the version of QuickBooks. Pro and Premier allow 3-5 users and Enterprise enables you to add up-to 30 users. You can select the version according to the size and requirement of your business. QuickBooks also has a number of predefined users that make creating new user easy and faster. Having a lot of users makes it difficult for you to see who has access to what kind of data. You definitely don’t want each user to access all the confidential information of your business. In other words you want them to access only the data which concerns their work.

Steps to Restrict Access for a Particular User

  1. Select Company in the Top Menu.
  2.  Click on ‘Set Up Users and Passwords.
  3. Now select Set Up Passwords.
  4. If you have to add password to an existing user then click on Edit User. If you have to add a new user before setting up password then click on Add User.
  5. Now select ‘Selected areas of QuickBooks’ and specify the areas of QuickBooks you want the particular user to have access to.
  6.  A window titled ‘Sales and Accounts Receivable’ will appear. It will have the description for the data it provides access to.
  7. Now mark ‘Selective Access’. New options will appear. Among them select what you want that user to have access to. You can select among ,’create transactions only’,’Create and print transactions,’ or ‘Create transactions and create reports.’ You can also restrict the user from viewing the complete Credit Card number of your customers.
  8. Now keep on going to the next windows and provide the amount of access you want to for the user. There are many options that you can restrict for any particular user like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Banking transactions, Reporting and Payroll. You can even restrict a user from deleting transactions from QuickBooks.

Using these options to restrict users access to multiple functions can make QuickBooks much more secure for you and your organisation. You can even advise users to set up passwords or even set passwords for them. Save your organisation from the threat of fraud by restricting access. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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