Sage 50 2017 Unable To Upgrade

As the name suggests, “Sage 50 2017 Unable to Upgrade” is a problem that you might face while updating the software. In this article, we will not only discuss the reason that leads to this problem, but we will also provide steps to fix it so that the Sage users are able to easily upgrade the software and perform functions.

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So, whether you are unable to upgrade the software, or whether you are facing any other tech trouble with Sage, you are always welcome to call our Sage tech helpline. Our Sage tech support team is available 24 by 7.

Causes That Makes It Difficult for You to Upgrade Sage 50 2017

  • One of the most common causes include, missing or improperupdate of a particular file while the download or installation
  • A plenty of peachw.exe files are open at the background
  • Always remember that all the executable files have to be operated only with the administrative right
  • The path of the local data is not at all matching with the path of server data
  • Also, when the STATUS.DAT edition is obsolete then also this issue occurs
  • exe is open even after the program is shut down
  • Operating System is not compatible with the program installed
  • Any anti-virus or any other software is hindering the installation and working of Sage
  • exe might be running

Resolution of Sage 50 2017 Unable To Upgrade

Now, that you have a good idea of what might be causing you issues while upgrading the software, here are some of the top steps to follow to get rid of the troubles:

1. Method One: See if LOCALDATAPTAH on Server Matches The DATAPATH

  • In case the LOCALDATAPTAH on server is not at all matching the DATAPATH, in that case you would have to completely uninstall, and then reinstall the software to another program as well as another data path.
  • Once you are done with the reinstallation, reboot the workstation
  • Next, after the computer opens up, the Sage update will be running appropriately whenever there’s a prompt.

2. Method Two: Log In with The Administrative Rights

  • You have to select the ‘Do not restart’ option
  • then you would have to get to ‘Updates’ folder which will be present in the data path.
  • Here, just right-click the executable file.
  • After that, click on ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Now, see if you are able to install the upgrade.
Need Professional Help?

While upgrading Sage, you will have to be very careful as even a small error can lead to wastage of time. To get help on this over the phone, please call our Sage technical helpdesk. The number to talk to our Sage technical support team is .

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