Sage 50 Connection Manager Windows 10

The Sage 50 Connection Manager error mostly occurs when the user tries to open the company file. The message reads that the manager may be installed, however, it isn’t working on that particular workstation where the user generally saves the information.

At times, it may appear like there isn’t any option to start or put an end to the connection manager service. Also, when the edition of the Connection Manager is appropriate, but still it is not started properly, in this case, also this error can occur.

The error can be resolved by following some quick troubleshooting steps. You may choose to contact our Sage tech support team.

Let’s find out the major causes that lead to this error:

  • The most prevalent reason is when the Connection Manager is not working on the workstation where the user has stored all the date.
  • Sage Connection Manager can be deactivated in windows setting, if the data is local
  • Also, Sage Connection Manager isn’t downloaded properly, or is not working properly on the server in case the data is saved on the server
  • While updating, all the installations present on the network are not updated, especially the workstation which has got the data.
  • Also, when there is an eminent Windows Update pending, then also users face this problem with Sage
  • In case the data is stored in My Documents, or anywhere else on a workstation, then the file sharing as well as the security settings can be damaged.
  • In case the installation was not done properly, though you might get a message that it was done successfully
  • In case the service doesn’t start back up, or it may not be available, after has it been disabled, after upgrading to Windows 10

Here’s how you can fix this Sage tech problem:

1. Method Number One: Try to use the icon which is located in System Tray to start off the Sage 50 Connection Manager

  • Firstly, you would have to Double-click on the icon of the Connection Manager which is there on the System tray
  • In case the data is hosted on the server, then you would have to follow the similar troubleshooting steps on the server.
  • In case you are unable to see it, then open up the Windows Explorer and get to C:\Program Files, and then the ConnectionManager
  • Click twice on the file that reads as Simply.SystemTrayIcon.exe
  • In case the status is showing up as “Running: No”, then you would have to Start of the Service.
  • In case the status is showing up as “Running: Yes”, then you would have to end the service, and after that start off the service
  • In case the option which should be present there for either starting or stopping the service can be seen, then you would have to perform an installation repair.
  • You may have to uninstall Sage accounting solution, and reinstall it as well
Need Professional Help?

Anytime you feel any difficulty in performing any troubleshooting steps please call our online Sage technical support team. Our Sage technical helpline is open 24 by 7 and the number is 📞.

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