Sage 50 — US Edition Is Not Currently Supported On Windows 10

Sage 50—US Edition is one of those accounting solutions by Sage which is perfect for the management of accounts in a business environment. But, the problem basically happens when the user starts facing some errors while using the Sage accounting solution.

Especially, after the release of Windows 10, some users found it difficult to use Sage on Windows 10, and people started thinking that probably Sage 50- US Edition is not currently supported on Windows 10. There were also rumors that probably Sage is not at all tested on Windows 10, and therefore, the problem is happening. But, that did not turn out to be absolutely true.

How did people react to the news of Sage being not supported by Windows 10?

People were really disappointed to hear that Sage might not be supported by Windows 10. The users immediately wanted an upgrade which is fully compatible with Windows 10.

How the Sage error appears on Windows 10?

It appears in various forms:

  • The error stating that Sage 50 has stopped working may appear when you open the Task Window.
  • The error stating that Sage 50 has stopped working may appear as soon as the user upgrades Windows 10 update
  • The error stating that Sage 50 has stopped working may appear while working on the general ledger
  • The error stating that Sage 50 has stopped working may appear when the user opens up the reports.

What are the main causes of the error?

  • The reason why Sage 50 US Edition is not working properly on Windows 10 might be because of the problems linked to the latest Windows 10 upgrade which was released recently
  • Due to any corruption of the installation of Windows update can be a cause of the problem too

How can you fix it?

In case the user can open task windows, and they are not crashing, the program crashes when the user attempts to save a transaction, then you might have to look for the troubleshooting steps related to disabling the Touch Keyboard service.

Otherwise, you may follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Firstly, you will have to successfully download the 2018.2 Update
  • After that, choose Services, and afterwards click on Check for Updates
  • Successfully install the Update: 2018.2
  • You may want to see the dedicated steps to install updates as well in order to avoid any issues
  • In case the problem happens again, eliminate the compatibility setting which is there for Windows 8
  • Now, see if you are able to use Sage properly

Hopefully, you should be able to get over the Sage error after following all the steps above. In case you need any further help, please dial our Sage technical helpline . Our Sage tech support team will help you with all sorts of Sage errors.

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