Sage Error 2

Sage error 2 is caused by database connectivity issues. If Sage 50 is unable to connect to the database or the connection times out, then you’ll get this error. When connecting to the Pervasive Database, you’ll get this error if DNS settings are not configured properly. Also, this error can arise when sending emails through Sage 50. We’ll look at a few appropriate solutions for this problem and apply them to resolve Sage error 2.

MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface)

The MAPI program is responsible for connecting Sage 50 with the default email software. If the settings for MAPI aren’t configured properly, or the email software isn’t compatible with the MAPI in windows, then you’ll always get an error when trying to send emails.

There are multiple methods we’ll look at for fixing this error. Make sure to check by sending the email after implementing each method.

Set a Default Email Program

It is important to set a default email program that will receive any MAPI commands. To do this, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open windows and go to Control Panel
  2. Select Programs
  3. Click on Default Programs and select Set your Default Programs
  4. Select the program which you want to use as the default for working with emails
  5. Click on Set this program as default
  6. Click on ok
  7. Restart your system and try to send an email through Sage

This time you should not get any error while sending the email through Sage 50. For windows, the best email program available to date is Outlook. This program won’t cause any errors and integrates quite well with Sage 50. It is highly customizable and does not throw errors when configured properly to send emails through Sage 50.

What is Sage 50?

Sage 50 is a business specific financial management software. You can go for the online or the desktop version of this accounting software offered by the Sage group. Sage 50 simplifies management of large business projects by enabling users to store all information at a single place. This information can then be used for gathering valuable insights through various reporting features. You can even manage international business with this financial management software.

Sage 50 can be accessed from multiple devices including your laptop, desktop and even smartphone. Portability along with performance will sure boost the profits of your business.

How can AccountingErrors Help You?

Over the years, we at AccountingErrors have been helping Sage users through the bugs and issues faced by them while using these software. Our team is qualified to deal with queries of Sage users. Among other things, we provide round the clock Sage technical support and available through email, chat and call. Getting in touch with us is easy, just dial (Toll Free.)


  1. I do not have a Email program on my system. What should I do?
  2. There are many email programs available online. Both paid and premium software are available to be used for sending emails through particular software like Sage 50. If you cannot decide on a particular one, then go with Microsoft Outlook. Also, set it as the default email program by following the aforementioned steps.

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