Sage Error 20005

Sage Error 20005 is related to processing of payments inside the accounting software. While using any third party payment processing service, if the request or card is declined, Sage Error 20005  crops up. These errors actually correspond to a three digit error code that can be used for referencing with the company that processes the credit card.

Reasons for Sage Error 20005:

  • Invalid credit card details
  • Incorrect credit card details
  • Expired or blocked credit card
  • Your card reader might be faulty

One other possibility of this error could be connectivity issues. If the request isn’t sent successfully while processing the payment, then you’ll definitely get an error. In this case as well, instead of configuring Sage 50, you must configure Windows firewall and other security software correctly.

To begin properly configuring all the security software, start following the steps provided below:

  1. Log into Windows with an administrator account
  2. Go to Control Panel and Select Windows Firewall
  3. Click on Change Firewall Settings
  4. Select Disable Firewall (Not Recommended)
  5. Now disable every other security software on your system.

Once you’ve successfully implemented these steps, you need to process the request and check if you get an error or not. If no error was thrown, then the problem must have been with the security software.

Permanently disabling the Windows Firewall isn’t an option as it leaves the system vulnerable to attacks from hackers. So, we must create exceptions for the ports, the payment gateway wants access to. Hence, while moving in this direction, we’ll configure the advanced firewall settings and create a few permanent rules.

To create rules for Windows firewall, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Search menu and search for Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Settings
  2. Click on Inbound rules and enter the port Save the rule with a name and description. This is important, as you may need to find the rule later for further modifications.
  3. Save the rule
  4. Repeat the same steps to create an outbound Creating both inbound and outbound rules are necessary as they will guide the incoming and outgoing request form your system.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to process any amount of transactions without any hassle.

Also, if the error is occuring due to any other security software, then you’ll need to contact the provider of the software for further information.

If despite disabling the security software, Sage error 20005 was still thrown, then you must contact your internet service provider. They’ll be able to configure the network according to your requirements.

What is Sage 50?

Among the various accounting solutions available in the market, Sage 50 stands out due to its robust features that simplify the entire process. Not only can you save but you can also create different forms and categorize them. A well organized file will help you in maintaining large amount of books. Also, once you’ve recorded the data, you can analyze it with various reporting tools. These tools are highly customizable in providing visual representation of data. Hence, you won’t have to worry when creating comprehensive financial strategies for your organization.

How can AccountingErrors help You?

At AccountingErrors, we abide by the rule of resolving errors and issues within the minimum turnaround time. To know more, feel free to contact AccountingErrors Sage tech support help team at ✆+1-855-481-5338(Toll Free.)

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