Sage Error 3001

Sage error 3001 is a common error that happens when failing to apply this document due to the unique company username of the department in the body tag. Pensions Costs Defind Contribution Schemes needs duration but its context contains an instant.  Let’s know more about this error in this blog.

Sage Error 3001 has been reported by users while filing their taxes using the HMRC service. When a request is sent and fails, Sage error 3001 is thrown and the operation fails. This is most probably a configuration error where settings aren’t properly configured or the payroll service has not been activated.

Note: Before following the steps provided below, make sure that you have an active payroll subscription and can use the HMRC service.

iXBRL format causes Sage error 3001. Whenever you file through such a format, you may get an error. The request will be rejected and error will be thrown. The software will not crash as this isn’t a problem with the software.

Causes of SAGE Error – 3001

The main reason behind the sage error  -3001, when you have created a Making tax digital account with HMRC and that the submission  has failed.

Below, we have provided a few methods through which you can resolve Sage error 3001. Follow these steps after logging into Sage from an administrative account. This will enable you to make changes to the configuration.

  • Open Sage software
  • Open the Sage Assisted Tagging tool
  • Open the file you were working with and click on the Advanced Tab
  • In this tab, you’ll find Detailed P&L section
  • Select Staff Pension Costs
  • Most probably, it would be marked as ‘Start of the year.’
  • Delete this tag to resolve the error
  • Now click on Confirm tag after selecting the current figure
  • You’ve successfully changed period from ‘Start of the year’ to ‘Current Year’
  • Repeat the steps for previous year and continue the operation

This should resolve the error you’re facing. Now the configurations have been set properly so that you can send files in various formats.

Fix Sage Error 20005

Network Connection

Obviously, if you’re not connected to the internet or the connection for this service is being blocked, then you’ll always encounter this error. You should contact your internet service provider and ask them if they’re blocking the connection through specific ports. If they are then, ask them to enable connection through ports which this service requires. They’ll do it for you.

You can also check other problems by disabling security software on your system. The software sometimes mistake a particular connection for a malicious one. Hence, the connection is blocked and the request is rejected.

What is Sage HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs)?

Sage HMRC is a unique feature offered through the payroll service. You can use it with any product offered by the Sage group that support payroll activation like Sage One, Sage 50 and so on. Through this feature, it becomes easier for business to calculate taxes for the entire business year. Every business wants to minimize the amount of taxes they pay while filing all the paperwork on time. If you’re one such business, then you’re going to love this service. It makes it super easy to comply with HMRC.

How can AccountingErrors help You?

Encountering errors, while preparing taxes, can be a bane to your existence. If you cannot figure out how to resolve Sage error 3001, then our Sage experts can do this for you. We’re a third party Sage support helpdesk and have specialized teams for each Sage product. Our team has intensive knowledge of Sage HMRC and can help you in resolving this error within minimum turnaround time. To know more, feel free to contact AccountingErrors at 📞(Toll Free.)


  1. I cannot disable my security software. What should I do?

    Steps for disabling wary according to the security software. Hence, you can either contact the provider of your security software or give us a call. Our technical experts can remotely connect to your system to fix the error, or just provide you the steps and you can implement them yourself.

  2. How to rectify Sage error 3001?

    Basically, this issue happens within the detailed profit and loss page.

    You can rectify this error with these steps:

    First method:

    💠 Launch and reopen the previous file with Sage Assisted Tagging
    💠 Navigate to the Advanced tab
    💠 Scroll down to the Comprehensive P&L
    💠 Click on the Staff Pension Costs figure for the current year and its tag is highlighted on the left. The period is identified as the beginning of the current year. This is the origin of the issue
    💠 Click the delete tag
    💠 Then highlight the current figure, and to the left, click Confirm Tag. The period then shifted to the current year
    💠 Now for the previous year, do the same. This time, before reapplying the tag, pick Prior Year in the date drop-down and then confirm the tag
    💠 Return back to your assisted tab and then continue tagging.

  3. What can lead to Sage error 3001?

    The main reason that could lead to this error is making a tax digital account with HMRC and that the submission has failed.

  4. What do you understand about Sage HMRC?

    It is a unique feature that is provided by the Sage payroll service. You can use it with any product offered by Sage group that supports payroll activation like Sage 50, and more.

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