Sage Error 3006

Connection issues between your system and the database can cause Sage error 3006. In most cases, there is some issue with the network connection of the user. The users need to themselves diagnose the connection issue and fix it. This is quite easy and methods mentioned in this article will help you in accomplishing that.

Issues that can cause Sage Error 3006:

  • Internet Connection not working
  • Firewall or other security software blocking the connection
  • Connection being blocked by the ISP

1. Reason One: Internet Connection not working

This is probably the most infamous cause of Sage error 3006. Most users do not even check their internet connection before reporting this error. You can check whether or not the internet connection is working from network and connection menu available through the control panel.

If the connection isn’t working, then:

  • Click on Troubleshoot network connection
  • Follow the instructions provided by the troubleshooter
  • Once the troubleshooting finishes, apply the recommended solutions

You can even restart your router and check if the internet is working. If not, then contact your internet service provider.

2. Reason Two: Firewall and Security Software

One of the leading causes of connection issues are firewall and security software. Security software are important for fending off attacks from malicious software and hackers but sometimes these software can block required connections like those of Sage 50.

You can check if a security software is causing the issue by disabling it. Disable all security software on your system and if the error resolves, then look for permanent solutions from the providers of those security software or any Sage 50 technical expert.

3. Reason Three: Connection blocked by the ISP

In some instances, ISPs have been known to block certain network connection ports by default. If Sage 50 try to connect through these ports, then the request will timeout and you’ll get Sage error 3006.

To resolve this issue, simply contact your ISP and ask them to unblock the specific ports through which Sage 50 needs to connect to the database. Your ISP will be able to resolve this issue for you.

What is Sage 50?

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How can AccountingErrors Help You?

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1. I am sure that the problem is with my security software. What should I do?

Most security software like windows firewall enable you to add exceptions. These exceptions aren’t blocked and hence, you’ll be able to work properly. You should configure these exceptions for each security software that you have on your system.

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