Sage Error 65

Sage Error 65 is one of the easiest to resolve Sage technical glitches. It can appear like this too: Error 65; Windows element do not exist or even this Error 65 Windows element already exists. This appears in definition of the screen item, which is PHEADER 0724.

Even after updating to the latest version, it might not fix the problem. This error may just suddenly appear without any history. This will make it difficult for you to use the bookkeeping features. This problem may also happen specifically when you are attempting to post payments from your clients.

This Sage tech error may seem like a real troublemaker, but just like some of the other Sage errors which are easy to solve, this can be fixed pretty easily too. You just have to follow the steps mentioned in this article to solve the problem. However, you are always free to get in touch with our Sage tech helpdesk for product support too. Our Accounting Errors Sage tech support team will guide you through the ideal solution of the problem.

What causes this Sage Error 65?

  • Upgradation of the Accounts Payable Invoices is not done successfully
  • Something is wrong with the panel line
  • Something is wrong with the grid

Want to fix this error immediately but do not know how to do it? Don’t worry, we have got your back.

Listed below are the tested troubleshooting steps for this error:

  • Firstly, you would have to get to the Accounts Payable section
  • Inside the Accounts Payable section go to Main and then get to the Invoice Data Entry
  • Inside Invoice Data entry, you will find an option that reads asLines Tab
  • Next, you will have to just Right Click inside area of the grid
  • There, you would have to click on the Panel Settings
  • Under the panel settings, you would have to click on Reset Panel
  • Not just the Panel, you will have to click on Reset all Grids
  • After making the right selections, click on the Ok button
  • Now, close out all the windows which are open at the moment
  • After closing, reopen the software, and try to do your updates

Hopefully, you should be able to do your updates now, after following all the troubleshooting steps. The main resolution of this problem is to simply reset the necessary settings. Be it the panel or the grid, if everything is reset properly, you should be able to carry on with your work without any trouble after that. You may even restart the Sage accounting solution as well as the computer before trying again.

Apart from this, it is also suggested to keep your Sage software always updated. You should always download the necessary updates that keep coming. This will save the software from showing up a plenty of issues.

If you want to know more about Sage or if you want direct help to solve this issue, then please contact our Sage tech helpline, the number is .

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