Sage Error 8507

Sage Error 8507 is one of the VAT submission errors that can hinder your working on the Sage accounting solution. It is basically related to the process of entering the VAT details. It may seem to be a little troublesome kind of an error because it pops up suddenly and hampers the working, but to be honest, it is a very easy to fix kind of an error.

You would not have to do a lot do solve this, just a few troubleshooting steps mentioned in the article will be enough to fix this Sage Error 8507. Though, you may prefer to get direct help to fix this Sage Error 8507 over the phone as well, as we have our Sage tech helpdesk, which is capable of solving any sorts of Sage related issue.

What is The Sage Error 8507?

Whenever the user tries to submit the VAT Return online, he/she can get a submission error showing up on the screen suddenly. Here, we will mention the most common causes, and ways to fix the submission errors.

However, in case the VAT submission fails, in order to verify the main problem, you would have to click on more in order to get to the VAT Returns, and there you would have to choose the failed VAT Return.

After clicking that the main reason behind the problem, along with the error code will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

1. What is The Generic Error Message?

The most common form of error message which appears when this Sage problem occurs is: ‘The VAT period that you’ve entered for the VRN could not be found. Request you to please check and resubmit if required.’

2. What is The Repercussion of This Error Message?

The VAT Return which you were trying to submit online isn’t for any open period. Hence, you would not be able to submit a VAT Return online before the before the end of the periodfor which the user is trying tosubmit.

How to Resolve The Sage Error 8507

To resolve the sage error 8507, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 6 minutes

  1. Step One

    See if you were either submitting the VAT return before the last day of the aforesaid period or not. For instance of the VAT period starts from say, 1 May to 31 July, then the earliest date which you can submit the VAT online return is 1 August.

  2. Step Two

    See whether you are submitting the VAT Return online on time or too late. Three-monthly VAT Returns have to be submitted within the set period or the month following the end of the period enclosed.

  3. Step Three

    You would have to verify if you have not submitted any data for this period beforehand.

Need Professional Help?

If you face this problem even after checking all the information, then you would have to discuss it further with our Sage technical support team. Our Sage technical helpline number is .

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