Sage Payroll Tax Forms Not Showing in Payroll Tax Forms Selector Window

Sometimes people who work on Sage accounting solution might find an issue with the Tax forms in Sage, related to Payroll Tax Forms. At times, these forms may not show up properly in Payroll Tax Forms Selector screen even after installing the latest recent tax update.

Sage Payroll Tax Forms Not Showing In Payroll Tax Forms Selector Window may occur in various different ways and you must be wondering why no forms are showing up in the Payroll Tax Form Selector?

Also, the missing tax forms error may also appear again. Additionally, when there is just the option present in payroll tax form selector is current forms or the tax forms are not upgraded, then also you would have to follow some steps to fix the problem.

Want to know how to fix this Sage Payroll Tax Forms Not Showing In Payroll Tax Forms Selector Window Error?

Here are Some Steps to Follow:

Method Number One: Upgrade the subscriptions

  • Click on Help and then, select Sage 50 Subscription Updates
  • Click on Online (Recommended), and press OK
  • Hit the OK button which is present on the confirmation message
  • Check that you are able to see the tax forms

Method Number Two: Reinstalling the Aatrix upgrade

  • Double-click on My Computer or Computer option on your workstation
  • Afterwards, get to the C: drive and click on Program Files, inside it, you would have to navigate to go through, Common Files, Peach. You may even choose to either get to the C: drive, and then get to Program Files (x86), Common Files and click on the Peach option
  • Here, retitle the FormViewer to OLDFormViewer
  • Make a fresh FormViewer folder
  • Open the Internet browser, and there type\sage50accounting
  • Hit the Download Update
  • Install the upgrade
  • Check all the tax forms which are now available

Method Number Three: If the problem is only occurring in One Company

  • You may have to do an Expendable File Cleanup on the workstation missing the tax forms. You can even have to refer to more details about making a clean data folder as well as expendable file cleanup.

Method Four: Make a Fresh Microsoft Windows user profile

In case with the Method One or with the Method two, the issue is not fixing then, you would have to make a new user profile. You may also consider contacting our Sage tech support team. Our Accounting Errors Sage technical helpdesk can be contacted via phone by dialing ✆+1-855-481-5338.

One of the most important factors that come to plan when it comes to not showing up of any updated element, whether it is the tax forms or anything, is proper installation. You have to make sure that you carefully install the latest updates, in order to make use of the latest offerings.

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