Sage Quantum – Unable to Open Company Files? How to Fix?

Sage Quantum is a part of the premier series of Sage Accounting software. Sage as we know has revolutionized the accounting industry with fantastic products. One of their key highlights is the Sage Quantum. Though, there are various sorts of solutions which are being created getting developed to make office tasks pretty smooth, and seamless, but Sage has established a special name for itself. As Sage software, especially the Sage Quantum, not just make the accounting work easier, but also save a lot of time of the users as well.

Sage 50 Quantum accounting software is a one of its kind, highly recommended software that mostly deals with taking care of the accounting linked tasks for a company. This software enables the companies to eradicate the risks of manual errors, as most of the accounting work is handled digitally.

The functionality of Sage 50 Quantum:

Sage 50 Quantum is generally known to streamline the work of the accounting department of a particular organization. It enables the users to do the computations and calculations pretty effectively and efficiently.  This software is basically a one-stop solution for accounting linked tasks. As, it enables the user to make the most of various several modules like general ledger, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, inventory management, accounts payable, payroll, purchase order, sales order, job cost etc.

Superb features of Sage 50 Quantum:

Personalized Display Dashboard

Streamlined and organized work flow.

Feature of logging out all the users at ones.

It can be used by around 40 users.

Error while opening company files

Probable Causes

One of the major causes of this issue can be a damaged *.DDF files. Plus, a program running in the background or of the company is being opened in wrong data locations are some of other probable causes of this issue.


If the problem is due to the damaged DDFs then here are the steps to solve the issue:

Firstly, browse through the directory which contains the company file which is not opening.

Now, just take away all the files with the *.DDF file extension

Then after this you would have to re-title all the files named as the Cosses.dat file to OLDCosess.dat.

You are almost half way done, now just open the company, to recreate the *.DDF files.

Try now, and you would be able to log in to the company to view files.

If the error is due to the background programs then follow these instructions:

Firstly, just reboot in Selective Startup in order to find out whether you can open the Program or not.

That is it, now check whether you are able to open the company files or not.

Resolution for the third cause: Trying to open a company in wrong data location

Select Browse from the list of Earlier Opened Companies.

Now, pick the company to open amongst the list of companies that are present in your data path.

Check whether you can now log in and view the files or not.

Other common resolutions to solve the issue ‘unable to open company files’:

Only by rechecking and rectifying the file version you can resolve this issue.

Just open .SAI in Notepad

Now verify the product name as well as the version number.

Now, use the appropriate version.

That’s all, now try to open the Company File again and you will be able to open the files.

If you face any issue while using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting software, you can contact our dedicated customer service team for Sage 50 Quantum.  This service is available 2487. Highly trained and knowledgeable Sage Quantum technical support experts will be happy to help you. The toll free number to directly talk to them is ✆+1-855-481-5338.

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