Sage Quarter Tax Forms and W-2’s Expired Do Not File Message

Sage enables the users to file the tax forms and W2s on a timely basis. But at times, you may get the Quarter Tax Forms And W-2’s Expired Do Not File Message. However, you do not have to worry about it at all. There is surely a solution to this problem too.

Sometimes even after renewing the Sage accounting solution, you can get this error. Say you have the latest upgrade of the Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting solution, and also the newest Tax update, still you get this error. And, while trying to file any of the W2s or Tax forms are expired.

You can call our Sage tech helpdesk to get more details about it. Our Sage tech support staff has all the information about the problem, and will do everything right to help you fix it.

What are the Major Causes of this Sage problem?

  • Whenever the tax forms are absolutely out of date then this issue can occur
  • The tax form may not always apply to the chosen filing period

How Can You Fix this Sage Error?

Method Number One:

Install the recent tax versions

  • Click on Services and see the Updates
  • Click on the option that says Check Now
  • In case there is any update available, then you would have to click on Download
  • Shut down the program to reboot the install
  • Afterwards, do everythingthat shows up on the screen

Method Number Two:

Verify the Filing Period

The watermark, “Do Not File” will automatically print in case the chosen form implements to another year and not the one which is chosen on the Select Tax Form section.

Method Number Three:

You would have to update the forms

  • When the user opens a tax form whenever there is a forms update is present, you will get anotification to update
  • In case, the user has an active Internet connection, then you would have to choose Automatic

Next, follow all the instructions shown on the window, in case you do not have an active net connection, or in case the update notification does not appear:

  • Shut down the tax forms screen
  • Get to the link in the Additional Information
  • Select the Download Update
  • In case you are downloading at a different workstation then would have to quickly copy the file (peach.exe) on an external drive, and take it to the workstation where theSage 50 accounting solution is installed
  • Double-click on file in order to run it
  • Follow all the instructions which appear on thewindow in order to complete the installation process, in case you get a notification to swap the files, click on Yes to All
  • All the tax forms will now print successfully, and the “Expired Do Not File” error will not appear at all

Not able to fix it? Don’t worry, just call our Sage technical helpdesk. The number to contact our Sage tech team is ✆+1-855-481-5338.

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