Error: Sage 50 2014 Not Responding

Not able to login to Sage 50 2014 bookkeeping and accounting programming? Does your Sage 50 2014 programming hangs or stops while opening or it shows ‘Login not responding” error message? This is a typical Sage 50 2014 error and happens due to following errors:

Description of Error

  • While Windows 10 is updated KB4041994
  • While raising an invoice then the software is disrupting/crashing.
  • When you process invoices and then the software crashes.
  • When you updated the program and the invoice is disrupting or crashing.
  • When Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
  • Damages or harmed files,
  • Wrongly set DNS,
  • Wrong company file, or
  • Third-party software issue.

Operating System Cautioning/Warning

This arrangement needed propelled learning of your PC’s operating system. You must contact your computer administrator for help. Altering your Windows Registry mistakenly can seriously influence system tasks. Sage 50 isn’t in charge of task issues caused by erroneously altering your Windows Registry. Continuously make a reinforcement of your information before continuing with advanced resolution.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Error: Sage 50 2014 Not Responding

Sage 50 Accounting Could not be Started, Please Try Again


The cause for Sage 50 2014 Not responding is the system has run out of available RAM to launch Sage 50.

To know more read below:

  • Problems in installing new Windows 10 update
  • Damaged/Harmed installing Windows update KB4043961
  • Installation of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Resolution of the Problem

To fix Sage 50 2014 Not Responding Disable the compatibility mode with Windows XP.

Read More Below:

1. Solution One – Install Update

  • Find to the top to Services and now down to Check or verify for Updates
  • Download and Install the update

In case the issue still happens, expel compatibility setting for Windows 8. Retest it.

2. Solution Two – Change the compatibility setting

  • Do the Right-click on the Sage 50 2014 Accounting icon and open Properties.
  • Now click on the Compatibility option.
  • Then select the Change settings for all users option
  • Now click on the box next tab in order to run this software in compatibility mode for and click on Windows 8 button from the drop-down menu option.
  • Now Click OK and then launch Sage 50 2014.
  • Verify and cross-check that the problem is no longer happens.

Note: If the Sage 50 2014 desktop icon is in the Windows Quick Launch Toolbar at that point, you should right tap on the Sage 50 2014 desktop icon and unpin from taskbar menu. After the modification of desktop icon with the provided steps, drag the Sage 50 2014 desktop icon to the Windows Quick Launch Toolbar to re-pin.

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