Error: Sage 50 2017 Pro Accounting Not Able to Open Company Files

Sage 50 2017 Pro is the easy to use bookkeeping and accounting software which is particularly intended to assist the small enterprise, manage and oversee their finances and accounts, clients invoice, payment of bill as well as inventory management. The flawless accounting software streamlines your day by day business errands which save your money and time.

Sage 50 2017 Pro previously was called (Peachtree) accounting software and is a subscription based accounting software. It also offers a free trial. The software manages all the vital data and information in the company records and files. Sometimes there can be an error in stacking the company file and data. The event of the error upsets the whole work.

While Sage 50 2017 Pro displays “Error in loading existing company file”, it signifies “Sage 50 2017 Pro has stopped working”. Your system is unable to open the program, it can’t open company files and data. Also, it can be possible that company data or files are missing subsequent to updating the server.

Root Reasons for Not Being Able to Load Existing Company File

Error: Sage 50 2017 Pro Accounting Not Able to Open Company Files is caused due to Starting the program before installing the update.

To Know more read below:

  • An invalid company file is endeavoring to open consequently
  • The leniency isn’t comparative on all PCs in a system
  • Service release or build is not properly installed on all PCs
  • Starting the program before installing the update
  • The backup restored on PC can be a mismatch with the build or release as the PC that made the backup

Solutions to Fix the Problem?

1. Section One:

Updates are installed on the Server. However, no Company or work desk is updated on an alternate PC

  • Close Sage 50 2017 Pro program
  • Find the Updates folder
  • Tap the recent/latest Program update

Follow the below-mentioned instructions in order to install the update

  • When the update is completed, restart your PC
  • Open Sage 50 2017 pro application
  • Click Help, then go to About Sage 50 2027 pro Accounting in order to verify and check the updates are installed

2. Section Two: Force Open Splash Window

  • Do the Right-click on the Sage 50 2017 pro icon and click Properties
  • Feature the Target line and after that press CTRL + C
  • Now Shut the Properties window
  • Press Windows + R together in order to open a Run line.
  • Tap into the Run line. After that, press CTRL + V together in order to paste the shortcut target into the Run Line.
  • Now at the end of the line, you have to add a space and after that XXX.
  • Now click OK.
  • Sage 50 2017 pro will open, as well as the splash Window will also now open.
  • Now close the software to begin the update.

3. Section Three: Bad Backup Restoring

  • Create a different backup and restore it

4. Section Four: Company Files are Damaged in Company Data Folder

  • Open-File after that click on the company and note the location of your company file
  • Close the system
  • Press Windows +E button
  • Now find to the directory you (which you noted)

Now erase the accompanying files:

  • All.DAT temp files
  • All.DAT Ptl files
  • All.DDF files
  • All.LCK files
  • All.MKD files
  • All.PTL files
  • All.PTR files
  • All.RPT files
  • data (if present)
  • DAT (if present)
  • DAT (if present)

At the end crosscheck it, now you may open your company files easily with no error.

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