Sage 50 Error 42000

Sage 50 Accounting software consists of a wide range of Software, especially for small and medium business. It is a computerized package that aids in processing your financial data without any difficulty. It has very good understanding of the business module and provides both online and desktop versions of the application enabling the user to maintain Budgets, generating reports, Stocks and many more tasks very easily and without any location barrier.

Sage 50 Error 42000 is Database Error which occurs when the User is trying to access or run reports without proper authorization. It is an ODBC SQL failure error which appears when the user is trying to execute a layout or report in Sage 50.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Error 42000

‘ERROR [42000] Syntax error: Invalid condition‘ 


ODBC SQLPrepare call failed: User does not have access rights‘ ‘ERROR [42000] User does not have access rights

Reasons for Sage Error 42000

Sage Error 42000 is caused due to Invalid condition, by a data join between incorrect variables.

To Know More Read Below:

  • Users may encounter Error 42000 while executing layouts or reports through “Favorite Menu” or from any other area
  • Although the User is logged into Sage 50 Accounts, but does not have required permission to run the reports he/she will be denied the access to reports and layouts
  • Incorrect data join between the variables of the table
  • Additional text is referring to the link which belong to different records of report design

Resolution of Sage Error 42000

Access Rights option can be used in Sage 50 Accounts to create login credentials for all the users. It is recommended that to have login id and password for keeping track of the number of logins made, also if required you can deny access to the users in case of emergency.

Read More Below

  • To gain access to the execution of reports and layouts, user must login with an ID which is authorised to access reports and layouts
  • User always needs access to all the relevant modules of the Reports, layout, labels and letters which it wants to access
  • Even if the User has authorized access to the reports, and still cannot access the reports you need to try resolving the issue by deleting and recreating the user. While creating New User ensure you are providing required access rights to the user.

Follow the steps given below to provide

How to Give Access Rights to the User

  • Navigate the following path Menuà Company Preferencesà Parameters
  • In the area labelled ‘Others’ select the ‘Access Rights’ checkbox and click OK
  • By default ‘Manager’ appears as the Login Name, but does not have any Password. If you have a password which has been used to access Sage Accounts, use the same password to re create the User
Note: Mostly, the option re-create user is disabled; you must enable this option to create login credentials for users
  • Another way to resolve the issue is to repair your data join. Follow the steps to correct the join
  • From the Layout or Report navigate the following path layoutàEditàReportàMenuàJoins and look for the damaged join, make the required changes and select OK. Next, from the File menu click on Save.
  • Manually make changes in the registry of your Operating System
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