How to Fix Sage Error 503?

Sage 50 is book-keeping and accounting software which provides solutions for all your business needs. Sage 50 is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, it is available both in the cloud based and desktop version. It has the ability to connect and provide best customer service by performing tasks like report generation, maintenance of bills, tax generation and many other financial tasks. Let us explore what to do in case you are facing Sage Error 503.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Error 503

Ess Server is failed and not Running

Error Code
How to Fix Sage Error 503?Developer:Sage Group
Error Description

Ess Server is failed and not Running


Sage 50
When the web server (IIS) is unable to handle the HTTP request. Applies to:

Symptom Sever might be overloaded with application configuration requests Possible Solution

Activate the Application Pool


The Sage 503 Error will happen when the web server (IIS) is unable to handle the HTTP request. This might be down to temporary overloading.

Read More below:

  • When you are trying to install Sage Enterprise Intelligence(SEI) you might get HTTP error 503
  • After the SEI is installed you need to navigate to localhost to access the Login Page, but instead you get Error 503
  • You can also get Error 503, while trying to access ESS

Reasons for Error 503

Generally, this error is encountered because of server’s failure to adhere to the user’s request as the ESS Service is failed and not running. Few other reasons are listed below

  • Sever might be overloaded with application configuration requests, virus attacks, spam or traffic on the network
  • Updation which are happening on the database or network or application can be the reason for the error 503 on server


I – Sage ESS Maintenance

If you encounter Error 503 first thing is to ensure ESS service. To do so you need to check the server where Sage 50 ESS is installed and ensure the locked box is Unchecked. Check for the correct Username password, server and database names. Also perform the below given below steps to resolve the Error 503

  • Navigate to Sage 50 ServeràAdministrative ToolsàComponent Services
  • Ensure that the services named IIS Admin Service and the World Wide Web Publishing are running
  • From the ESS Server start IIS Manager
  • Navigate to the following path – Sites (folder) àDefault Web SiteàSelf Service. Right-click on self-service and select Manage Applications and go to Advanced settings
  • In the Advanced Setting tab ensure Application Pool name is AbraAWCAppPool
  • Close the Advanced Settings tab and got to Application Pools and ensure the Status must be Started

II – Activate the Application Pool

Whenever you encounter Error 503, first ensure whether Application Pool is activated or not. To do so follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Select StartàAdministrative Tools and navigate to IIS Manager (Internet Information Services)
  • From the given list of applications look for Application Pools and select it
  • From the Applications Pool look for “WebClientPool’ and “MobileClientPool”
  • Right click on each of these applications and from the given list of given Actions select “Start” to activate

III – Check the Physical Path

Even after activating the Application Pool you are still getting Error 503 then need to check the Physical files that your web site is using.

To do so follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Navigate to the following path StartàAdministrative ToolsàIIS
  • From the given list click on Sites and expand it
  • From the listed sites select “Default Web Site” and go to the Advanced Settings
  • Go to the Physical Path and check whether the line reads “%SystemDrive%\inetpub\wwwroot\webclient”. If the path the correct then click on OK and proceed or else set the correct path
  • Once the correct path is set Restart your website

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