“Key File Not Found” or “Bad Key File” When Opening Sage 50

What is Sage error “Key file not found” or “Bad key file” when opening Sage 50

Sage 50 software is accounting software which is managing financial, accounting, operations, payroll, people and payments. The user has a solution for businesses of any industry, complexity and size. It is accounting software for small business essentials with invoicing.

Sage grants permission to their employees to work from anywhere with any system. It lets them take payments and bill customers. It provides real time access to their books. Best practices to store their business accounting on track and assist them to stay compliant with reporting and taxes.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Key File Not Found” or “Bad Key File When Opening Sage 50

Key File Not Found” or “Bad Key File

Causes of The Error of Bad key file when opening Sage 50

When one or more key files have been removed from the shared document folder location the Bad key file” or “Key file not found” when opening Sage 50 data File error occurs.

Read More in detail below:

  • Due to some virus attack on your system.
  • It may be due to deleted or moved key files or it may be deleted manually.
  • Corrupted and damaged file.
  • Improperly shutdown the window.
  • Due to network error or connection lost.

Resolution of The Error of Bad Key File When Opening Sage 50

To Solve the issue of Key File Not Found” or “Bad Key File” When Opening Sage 50 If there are no third-party utilities installed, run a malware scan.

For more information read below:

1. Solution One: Check The Third Party Softwares

Some time third party application software may be the reason for the Sage 50 usage. So you need to check this and troubleshoot and fix the issue.

2. Solution Two: Administrator Run

  • Right select on their Sage 50 accounting icon and select Run as Administrator.
  • After completing this task, if you are still facing the same error on your system, you need to follow next solution.

3. Solution Three: Reinstall/Uninstall

  • For windows 8.1 and for older window, the user need to click on Start> Control Panel> Programs> Features.
  • For windows 10, right select on the start menu and select on Features and Programs / Features/ Apps.
  • Click on their version of Sage 50 from the list and select Uninstall

On the other hand, if the customer has already followed all the solutions nut still getting the same error again and again on your system. Other Sage error may also occurs like Sage 50 Cannot be Started or Sage Unable to Connect to server.

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