“Incapable to Communicate” Error in Sage 100

Sage 100 which was formerly named Sage MAS 90 and 200 is the base for linking your business to provide an enhanced customer-experience, increase in revenue, and make better decisions concerning your business.

Why Use Sage 100 Software?

  • Sage 100 is a software which provides several management tools which include tools on accounting, decision-making and fixed assets. Sage 100 centers its focus on data pertaining to business which proceeds from finance & accounting. It permits you to create, scrutinize, manage and restore all the major indicators that are indispensable to guide the user’s business activity.
  • Sage 100 permits a user to mechanize all persistent/repetitive tasks and helps you to save a lot of time through invoicing, payment methods, fixed assets, etc. Since it takes all its information from the same database, the data integrity is assured.
  • Sage 100 provides the user a straightforward and influential link to his/her office system and further allows him/her to easily administer all of the user’s accounting-related documents in PDF formats which includes invoicing, balances & financial statements.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Incapable to Communicate” Error in Sage 100

Incapable to Communicate

Sage 100 Error “Incapable to Communicate”

“Incapable to Communicate” error in Sage 100 – the above mentioned error shows us that the program cannot connect to the gateway.

Fixing the Error:

To Solve “Incapable to Communicate” Error in Sage 100 validate the availability of the Virtual Terminal website.

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Firstly, validate the availability of the Virtual Terminal website. After which, you need to verify if you have internet access. Next, when working on your PC and at the server, you have to ping the address you have been given in the error message. However, if the ping does not work but the Virtual terminal is accessible, you need to contact your network admin. Finally, although MAS 200 is usually used, you can switch to MAS 90 resolution in order that you may update the Sales journal.

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