Install Sage 50 2018: Benefits/Features

Sage 50 2018 Overview

Sage 50 is a popular software that helps to accelerate the growth of the business. Sage 50 offers several unique features which provide help to your business when it comes to strategic financial planning, developing concise financial reports; etc. Moreover, it helps in less time consumption by managing clearly and/or handling the financial possessions of the business. It is a basically a subscription-based software that comes with monthly or annual plans.

Version 2018 of Sage 50 U.S. Edition was released on July 12th. Usually, notification to the users on update, will stumble so that it can spread out the load on Sage’s servers. The software updates imperative as it is released with new features and the existing features are enhanced along with the error resolution capability.

How to Install Sage 50 2018 on Your PC

To get genuine and proper results, it is important that the user downloads Sage 50 2018 version, from a well-known source. After having downloaded Sage 50 Version 2018, please follow the steps given below:

Steps to be Considered while Installing Sage 50 2018 in PC:

Total Time: 15 minutes

  1. Step One

    On the Welcome screen, you’ll find an option of View establishment guidelines.

  2. Step Two

    Clear all the infection -> Click Next

  3. Step Three

    Follow the instructions mentioned above and then click Next.

  4. Step Four

    Now Select Auto create the Windows Firewall in order to both, introduce and run Sage 50 box. Then again select Next.

  5. Step Five

    Enter the product serial number prior to upgrade or install, that might be prompted. Click next.

  6. Step Six

    A message crops up “Will this be the only PC running Sage 50?” click on Yes,

  7. Step Seven

    Click on Next to proceed.

  8. Step Eight

    Choose the folder in which is stored the company and the program files. Then click on Install.

  9. Step Nine

    Installation is done automatically and you can easily use the software.

In Case You’re Installing On A Server:

Follow the below steps involved in the installation of the software on a server. However, much of the steps are similar to that of the installation of Sage 50 2018 on a PC except a few.

[Please note that When the message “Will this be the only PC running sage 50?” comes up, select No, and then click on next. The other steps are same as that of the ones mentioned in the installation on the PC]. If you follow all the steps diligently, the process of installation is complete and you can easily use the Software on the Server.

Benefits/Features of Sage 50 2018 Accounting Software

“Why use Sage 50 2018?” is probably a question asked by all users prior to using it. Therefore, it must be made clear to why you need to use Sage 50 2018.

The following are certain reasons to why you should use/upgrade to Sage 50 2018:

1. Modernization of User Interface

This is definitely the most unique change in version 2018. Software trends keep on changing and software publishers have to either keep up to the ever-changing trends or risk being titled out as out of date which adversely affects the business in the tech world.

Once you log in to the Sage 50 main window you will be welcomed by sophisticated and modern  monochromatic theme with a lot of white space. The page is also characterized with a flat appearance and which enhances the outlook of all the icons and menus.

2. Inactivate Inventory Items which Based on Last Activity Date

Sage 50 2018 allows particular person to select inventory items by last activity date and/ or mark the whole group as inactive. Same can be done for customers and vendors. This prevents the user from having to consider obsolete items as inactive one at a time.

3. Backup in Cloud with Microsoft Office 365 (premium edition)

If you use Office 365 (premium edition), Sage 50 data can easily be backed up. It also enables various security features that provide you specific control over Office 365 to use integrated version of Sage 50 2018.

4. Sage drive Remote access

Now, you can port your data very easily from one person to many persons, to accountant or authorized person very easily. Sage 50 usually offered single-user platform in its previous versions. It is further upgraded to Multi-User Platform in Sage 50 2018

5. Monochromatic Design & Navigation

With all new monochromatic Design and empty White Spaces which are spread all around gives it a new and elegant look. Arrows on either side provides ease of navigational access to all the temporary buttons of the toolbar. It enhances the outlook of the menu.

6. Mobile Invoicing and Online Payment

The “Pay Now”feature makes it highly recommendable to serve all financial purposes. It offers various modes of payments like credit card, debit card and internet banking. It also enables users to access and create invoice, email invoice and you can download unpaid invoices.

7. Sage intelligence and reporting

It provides you a complete insight knowledge of your software. You can port your financial records to any of the devices and you can publish it to your cloud also.

8. AP Automation by Beanworks

It offers cloud based payable accounting automation solutions which enables companies to align all your invoices and tax-tables.

9. Read only mode

You can restrict your shared company file to various modes. You can keep it on edited mode where one can edit the data or you can keep it to read-only mode so that no one can edit the data or the information that you have provided.

10. Web based E-mail support

Now, the customers can easily access web-based E-mailing services when they are emailing receipts and invoices like transactions forms.

Sage 50 2018 Features Infographics

Difference Between “Sage 50 2018” & It’s Predecessor

  • Sage 50 2018 includes more personalized features and flexible tools than the older version, which is designed to increase the productivity
  • It provides better services to improve collaboration, enhanced analytical data & internal communications.
  • The software provides faster service to the users and keep secure his/ her key information.
  • With Sage 50 2018, the user is able to make more informed decisions, aids in getting everyone working together & more efficiently.
  • Distinguishes itself from the previous version in its experience of streamlined processes.

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