Sage 50 Email MAPI errors

Sage 50 Email MAPI Errors

Sage 50 is an eminent accounting application for a growing industry. While using this prominent accounting software, the user may detect numerous errors with this software. Sometimes the users are not able to send their important emails which results in ‘Generic COM Error’ or ‘Failed to output’.

If the user uses Microsoft Outlook, and they try to email important documents from their Sage Payroll and Sage Account then an error might display on the system with Sage Generic Com Error or Failed to Output. On the other hand, the system may encounter Sage 50 Email MAPI error. When the users try to send an invoice through the email, they receive the error message such as Email MAPI error.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Email MAPI errors

Error: “Email MAPI error: An error occurred in sending the message.”

Cause of the Sage 50 Email MAPI Errors

Sage 50 Email MAPI errors  May be caused due to old version of software and application.

To know more read below:

  • Due to installation of multiple versions of Outlook.
  • Due to conflict between Sage 50 and Run as Administrator.
  • Improper email setting could be one reason.
  • May be due to old version of software and application.
  • Attack of virus on your system.
  • Improper shutdown the system.
  • Due to missing of set default programs and multiple software installed on your system could be one reason.

Resolution of the Sage 50 Email MAPI Errors

To Solve Sage 50 Email MAPI errorsSelect Windows Start, Control Panel, then Windows Update.

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Just follow the below steps to resolve the sage 50 email MAPI errors

Total Time: 4 minutes

  1. Solution 1:

    Click on Windows Start> Control > Windows Update and check all the updates.

  2. Solution 2:

    💠 Default programs setting
    💠 Login as admin and click on Windows start>Control Panel> Default Programs>Set their default programs.
    💠 Click on default setting of programs.
    💠 Click on OK and click on computer defaults and set this program.
    💠 Click on the Customer and select a default e-mail program.
    💠 After completing this task, restart the email software program as well as Sage 50.
    💠 At last verify the email address and try to again email document.
    💠 But if the user is still getting same error, they can follow the next solution.

  3. Solution 3:

    The user needs to check account setting of outlook email.

  4. Solution 4:

    Shutdown outlook and sage 50 and reinstall the software and outlook.

  5. Solution 5:

    The user can run Sage 50 as an administrator.

  6. Solution 6:

    💠 Click right on the Desktop and select Create new and Text Document.
    💠 Click right on the new document and select mail recipient and send.

    Note: If you are using an older version, it will not work.

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  1. What is MAPI’s consistent email?

    MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) is a Windows file structure that permits another program to add documents to an email. Any email programming that can acknowledge MAPI files is supposed to be MAPI agreeable. There are two kinds of MAPI compliance, Simple and Extended.

  2. How would I reset my MAPI email program?

    To do as such, follow these means:

    💠 Restart your PC, and afterward start Outlook Express. 
    💠 On the Tools menu, click Options. 
    💠 Now, you have to open the General tab and hit the next click on the clear (un-check) the Make Outlook Express my default Simple MAPI customer check box
    💠 Then proceed forward with on-screen guidelines and click on Apply. 
    💠 Click on the OK when you get the brief to restart your PC.

  3. What is MAPI failure?

    MAPI problematic errors are brought about by Outlook mistakenly introduced or missing/defiled records. MS Office accompanies fix devices that may fix this issue. See Microsoft documentation for additional subtleties. If you find a fix is unsuccessful fruitless, a full uninstall and reinstall might be required.

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