How to Do Sage 50 Email Setup

How to Perform Sage 50 Email Setup

Sage 50 Email setup is among one of the welcoming features for the users of Sage 50. Many new and fully functional features are inculcated in the Sage software that make it a choice for the customers. Bookkeeping, financial transaction and many other accounting tools made it very easy to use.

Sage 50 also supports e-mail setup feature that makes it a better and more convenient options for pro users as well as the users who are using for the first time. It does not matter whether the company is small, medium or it is a large establishment, it provides all the work in every establishment all conditions. With the help of it, the user can connect, sign-in to its web mail account and can communicate with other users and non-users through various platforms.

Now, let’s see, how to start it for the first time. The user has to select the Webmail option that requires user’s login details of Yahoo Mail account, Gmail account or any other account. If the user uses Office 365 or MS Outlook, choose a specific option in Sage 50. For using Sage 50 Email setup, you need a webmail account or any account which has Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Here are some of the steps that you need to keep in mind while Sage 50 Email setup. Follow the instructions and get your setup done. If you skip or miss any of the step, many errors may fall in the process like Sage the report has failed to output to email and can hamper the process.

For all e-mail accounts like Yahoo Mail, MS Outlook, Gmail and Office 365.

Steps for Sage 50 Email Setup

To Perform Sage 50 Email Setup, You need to follow mentioned below steps for smoother process:

Total Time: 15 minutes

  1. Step One

    Go to the Setup –> open Settings –> click on Company, now look at the option for e-mail setup.

  2. Step Two

    Go to Email option on default desktop email program or webmail account can also be used.

  3. Step Three

    Now select the Add account information.

  4. Step Four

    From the options showing on the screen, click on the Webmail service that you have.

  5. Step Five

    Enter the credentials of appropriate email address and click on ok.

These are the certain steps that you need to follow carefully. You may get errors or face problems like Sage 50 Email MAPI errors if you skip any step.

You should have proper internet connection while following the setup processes. If any problem arises and you cannot resolve that problem by yourself.

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