Sage 50 Error 1921

Sage 50 is an Accounting Software which is known all around the world, by Business Owners with Small And Medium Size Businesses. Sage 50 Helps handle all financial and Accounting Work and makes it easy with their many different features. Sage 50 comes across some errors like Sage 50 Error 1921. The Sage 50 Error 1921 is caused because the user has installed Sage 50 on an unsupported operating system. After Making the required Changes, exit the service window and restart the computer to solve the Sage 50 Error.

Error Code
Error 1921Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description
Error 1921: Service Sage Data Service could not be Stopped Software:

Sage 50
Due to Steps not followed in Instruction Manual before installing the applicationsApplies to:

SymptomPermissions not granted to shut down system services Possible Solution

Reboot the System after making the changes

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Error 1921

Error 1921: Service Sage Data Service could not be Stopped

Mentioned Below are the Causes of Sage 50 Error 1921

The Sage 50 Error 1921 is caused because the Software was installed on an unsupported device. If the User is working on a system and it is unsupported for Sage 50, the Software will not run smoothly and may get stuck or get a malware.

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  • The Instructions given to follow before installing the applications on the system were not followed
  • The user must ensure that the operating system should be compatible with Sage 50
  • Permissions not given to shut down system services
  • Sage 50 installed on an unsupported device

Steps to Follow while Solving Sage 50 Error 1921

The Sage 50 Error 1921 can be solved by Reinstalling the Sage 50 Software and the user can clear all the malware and cache. Before uninstalling the Software there are few steps the user has to perform.

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  • Press the Windows + R Key together
  • Type “services.msc.
  • Close the Window by Choosing OK
  • Search for Sage Data Services and then Right Click
  • Choose Properties
  • From Startup, choose “Disabled” from the Type drop down menu
  • After the Changes are made, exit the services window and then reboot the system
  • Reinstall the Sage 50 Accounting Software

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  1. How much time does it take to solve the Sage 50 Error 1921?

Ans: Sage 50 Error 1921 is caused due to the wrong authentication details entered. Follow the Steps given above in the article to know exactly how to solve the Sage 50 Error.

2. What causes the Sage 50 Error 1921

Ans: If the user has entered the wrong authentication details or either Sage is not able to provide the users with access then Sage 50 Error 1921 Occurs.

Important Note:

Change the Startup type back to Automatic, once the download is complete

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