Sage 50 Freezes when Creating A Backup : Sage Backup Problems

Sage 50 Freezes when Creating a Backup

Sage 50 is a marvelous accounting software, which is basically designed for payroll, inventory management, credit card processing for small and medium size business. It helps in the growth of the company more effectively with time management.

It is the best solution to manage taxes, inventory, cash flow, invoicing, accounting, and more. It is the perfect combination of productivity and power of the desktop solution with security.

The user can track their payment process and one of the best technical tools for reporting requirements and taxes. It also keeps the finances secure and safe with online protective payment. There are multiple reasons because of which Sage 50 freezes when creating a backup.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Freezes when Creating A Backup : Sage Backup Problems

Backup Not Responding

Causes of Sage 50 freezes when creating a backup

The cause for Sage 50 Freezes when Creating A Backup : Sage Backup Problems is if the user is unable to create the file to the address.

To Know more read below in detail:

  • Due to corrupted, erroneous and damaged files in their system data folder.
  • May be due to corrupted, erroneous and damaged folders in their company data folder.
  • Mistakenly disable account control setting.
  • Improper and incorrect sharing permissions.
  • Big and large attachments folder may be one reason.

Resolution of Sage 50 Freezes When Creating a Backup

To Solve the Error of Sage 50 Freezes when Creating A Backup : Sage Backup Problems Backup the files directly into USB Flash drive.

To know more read below in detail:  

1. Solution One: Account User Control Setting

  • If the user is using windows vista 10, 8, 7. Account user control setting is the main reason for this error.
  • Disable the Account user control setting to fix this error.

2. Solution Two: Incorrect Security/Permission Network Sharing

  • At this time, the user needs to verify their sharing permissions. It needs to set it up correctly.

3. Solution Three: Non-Data Files Removal from Company Directory

  • Click on maintain then click on company information.
  • Note down the Directory and shutdown company information as well as Sage 50.
  • Right click on the Desktop and click on New Folder.
  • Here the user needs to give a folder name and save it on their desirable place.
  • Click on Enter and open my computer and browse to the Directory.
  • The user needs to search *.ddf; and move these files in new folder on the desktop.
  • And search for *.frm and move this in new folder.
  • The user needs to reopen Sage 50 and their company and make a backup file for this.

4. Solution Four: With The Core Company Data Files Create A New Directory

  • Click on Maintain, and select the company information.
  • Your company directory needs to be noted.
  • A data path with new folder and double click on their company folder.
  • You need to copy keys backup folder and also copy vesion.txt, KMSKeys.xml, .Dat files and paste it into new folder.
  • Click on File, and then click on open company. Before processing these steps they need to create a folder as a backup.
  • Or Select Reports and forms and select the custom form.
  • Select Delete and the user need to delete any other obsolete forms.
  • They need to verify their backup file and complete the steps.
  • Select on the form name and select Preview and Print from bottom.
  • Select the form name and select Preview and Print as well as select Print setup tab with file name.
  • Or they need to create a new folder on their desktop with Old Sage 50 Forms
  • You need to browse data path and they need to open Forms folder.

5. Solution Five: The User Needs to Move The Attach File Folder with The Particular Company Folder

  • They need to create a backup and move this attachment folder in another place.
  • At this time, right click on the attachment and select send to compresses folder.
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