Sage 50 Mapi Error Outlook

Sage 50 is an excellent accounting program which helps in the streamlining of a wide range of bookkeeping related projects legitimately. There might be circumstances where the Sage 50 users may come across errors occasionally. There are resolutions with which one can enjoy a consistent experience while utilizing the software for any of the projects.

The Email MAPI error is a common Sage 50 Error. In this error, user should repair the infected or corrupted document and file in the right way. This message appears when the client is attempting to send any message.

Description of Errors

When a user attempts to send an invoice via email, they get the error code mentioned below:

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Mapi Error Outlook

“Email MAPI error: The error appeared while sending a message. Return Code 26”

Causes of Error

Sage 50 Mapi Error Outlook is caused because the user may have installed multiple versions of Outlook, and it would caused damage.

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  • Numerous variants of Outlook is installed
  • The outlook is set to “Run as Administrator” and the Sage 50 software set to “User” hence, there was a conflict.

Resolution of Error Sage 50 Mapi Error Outlook

Sage 50 Mapi Error Outlook Β Check for updates, or go directly to the Microsoft Update website to download and install the latest Microsoft Office updates.

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Please follow the steps below to resolve the error

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step I: You should check for the Updates

πŸ’  Click on the Windows Start button, open Control Panel dialogue box, and then click on the Windows Update option
πŸ’  Now click on the check for updates option, or you also may go to the Microsoft Update official website in order to download as well as install the most recent updates to Microsoft Office.

Step II: Set programs default

πŸ’  Start and log in the pc as an administrator.
πŸ’  Go to the Windows Start option, open Control Panel dialogue box, click on the Default Programs option, and then set the default programs.
πŸ’  Choose your required default e-mail program from the rundown of programs displayed into the left sidebar.
πŸ’  Choose the option set this program as default.
πŸ’  Click on the OK button.
πŸ’  Choose Set program access and computer defaults
πŸ’  Choose a Custom option and then click on the down arrow appeared on the right column
πŸ’  Inside select a default e-mail program, choose the proper email program
πŸ’  Restart the email program as well as Sage 50.
πŸ’  Verify your email id that you are trying to send which is exists in the list of contact into the email program.
πŸ’  Send the transaction through email from Sage 50.
πŸ’  Important: In case you haven’t seen the Microsoft Outlook into the Programs list, try to install again the Microsoft Outlook program.

Step III: Ensure you have an Outlook account setup

πŸ’  You can install the Outlook program on your system; however, there are none of the default setups for an email account.

Step IV: Ensure Add-in installed for Outlook

πŸ’  Shut down the Outlook and Sage 50 program
πŸ’  Begin the process of re-installation of the Sage 50 Accounting program.
πŸ’  Click on the OK button when the message appears “You have presently installed the Sage 50”
πŸ’  Select Add or Remove option, and then click on the Next button
πŸ’  Uncheck the Add-in option for Microsoft Outlook, and then click on the Next button
πŸ’  Rehash the similar process once more and add again the checkmark for the Add-in option for Microsoft Outlook in order to reinstall the add-on.
πŸ’  Send the transaction through email from Sage 50.

Step V: Open the Sage 50 as an administrator

πŸ’  To utilize Outlook from the program, both applications should be begun in a similar client setting.

Step VI: Try sending a document or file through Windows

πŸ’  Right click the mouse on the desktop area and then click on the Create New option, Text Document
πŸ’  Right click on the mouse on a new document and then click on Send to the button, Mail Recipient
πŸ’  Did windows display an error?
πŸ’  Won’t work when an older variant of Microsoft Outlook is installed

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