Sage 50 Not Sending Emails Error


Sage 50 is an Amazing Bookkeeping device with items that contain a wide range of functions. Sage 50 is a business administration Program with a membership. Sage 50 Accounting Software just like any other software faces a few errors from time to time. In this article we will see Sage 50 Not Sending Emails Error.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Not Sending Emails Error

Error: Unable to Send E-Mail

Causes For Sage 50 Not Sending Emails Error

The Cause because of which Sage 50 Not Sending Error Occurs is the Email Program is incompatible.

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  • Email Client not sent as Windows default
  • Damaged Email Writer
  • Email writer not configured properly
  • Sage 50 Communication Blocked with Email because of User Account Control
  • No Email Client On System
  • Latest Product Update not Installed on Workstation
  • Latest updates of windows not installed

Solution For Sage 50 Not Sending Email Error

To Solve the Sage 50 Not Sending Emails Error Run both Sage 50 and Outlook without Administrative privileges.

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Solution 1: Run Sage as Administrator

  • Close Sage 50
  • Choose Properties
  • Select Compatibility
  • Check if your able to run the program as Administrator and Click Apply
  • Select OK and check if Sage 50 Email is working

Solution 2: Run Microsoft Outlook as Administrator

  • To install Outlook browse to the directory
  • To open the program right click on executable
  • Choose Properties and click on advanced
  • Select Troubleshoot Compatibility
  • Select the program needs additional permission and click wizard to finish
  • This should set the Run as Administrator flag internally if the properties does not have a Compatibility tab.

Note: Depending on the version of Outlook installed, the Compatibility Tab may not be available.

Solution 3: Disable User Account Control

Solution 4: Set Email Client as Windows Default

  • Close Sage 50 Software
  • Set the default e-mail client for Windows
  • Open Sage 50 and verify you can now e-mail successfully

Solution 5: Verify Default Account in Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and Select the File
  • Select Account Settings and the account will have the note (send from this account by default) in the Type field

Solution 6: Close Microsoft Outlook

  • Close Outlook and Verify that the program can send emails to Outlook

Solution 7: Re-Install Email Writer

Solution 8: Reboot the machine to apply all changes in updates

  • Reboot the Computer and then open Sage and Verify if you are able to e-mail

Solution 9: Unable to Run Outlook as Administrator since the option is grayed out

  • Close Sage 50
  • Choose Properties
  • Select Compatibility Tab
  • Unselect the Run this program as administrator and Apply

Solution: 10: Install Latest Product Updates

Solution 11: Run Both Sage 50 and Outlook without Administrative Privileges

  • Close Sage 50
  • Choose Properties
  • Select Compatibility
  • Deselect the Check next to run this program as administrator
  • Click OK and Run Outlook with Administration
  • Verify if the Email is sent wot of Sage 50

Solution 12: Windows Updates

  • Install the Pending Windows Updates and Reboot the Computer
  • Verify that you are able to Email
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