Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

What is Sage 50 Smart Posting Error & How to Fix It?

Sage 50 accounting application has become one of the most prominent software which is integrated with extraordinary features. The features generally are related to the account section of the business, it helps to manage your tax, pay bills, invoicing and finance recording. While working with Sage, the user may encounter with Smart Posting Error.

Sometime during updating to the latest 2010 Update the user may face this error.

If the user is receiving the following Sage 50 error messages such as cannot change to Real-time posting, Smart Posting service cannot be restarted, Smart Posting service crashes, Smart Posting service hangs, Smart Posting service stops, Transactions will not post, and Sage 50 Smart Posting Error has hung or crashed. Other errors which might occurs are Sage 50 Login error or Sage 50 Server is busy error.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

Sage 50 Smart Posting Service Missing

Causes of Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

The Cause for Sage 50 Smart Posting Error is the damaged files or folders.

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  • It has stopped in service.
  • Due to insufficient balance.
  • Corrupted and damaged program files.
  • Malware and virus attack.
  • Corrupted and damaged transactions.

Solution of Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

To Solve the Sage 50 Smart Posting Error open Run Command Window on the computer try to deactivate the smart posting service.

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There are some certain methods to fix sage 50 smart posting error, which are mentioned below in detailed

1. Solution One:

  • Hold the Window key + R and go in the run box and write services.msc and select Ok.
  • Select right on service and select start> Restart.
  • After completing this task, click on Next.

2. Solution Two: Maintain Company information

  • Log in as a single user and go to Maintain> Company information.
  • Click on Next and click on posting Method.
  • Click on Real Time and click ok.
  • Click on Maintain than company information.

3. Solution Three:

  • Select the link, and click on start smart posting.
  • Select Tasks>System>Post
  • Click on the journal and select ok.
  • Click on Maintain> Company Information.

4. Solution Four:

  • Some time the user encountered with this error due to environmental Issues. It needs to fix as soon as possible.

5. Solution Five:

  • Uninstall the software, and reinstall the Sage 50 software.
  • After complete all the steps, the user need to reboot his system and check it properly. If the user still persist the same issue again and again.
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