Sage 50 Username and Password not Working


Sage 50 Accounting Software like any other faces a few errors because of some certain reasons. Sage 50 Users after many tries of looking for a particular reason why the “Sage 50 Username and Password not Working Error”. In this Article we have a look at what the Sage 50 Error occurs and what are the solutions to fix it.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Username and Password not Working

The Password Entered Has Not Been Recognized

Causes For Sage 50 Username and Password not Working Error

The Cause for Sage 50 Username and Password not Working Error is because the user has entered the wrong credentials.

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  • Sage 50Cloud Accounts Version 27 has been Updated and the User’s Password is no longer 10 Characters
  • The User Has Entered the Wrong Password
  • The Password Encryption was giving a problem
  • The Data Restored by the user was for a later version
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above is not enabled
  • The File in which the Setup.dta exists is corrupted
  • Windows FIPS File is Encrypted
  • CCleaner Registry Cleaner was used

Solution To Fix Sage 50 Username and Password not Working

The Solution to Fix Sage 50 Username and Password not Working is to Restore the Backup.

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Step 1: Reset The Account Password

  • Check if the admin user is able to login
  • Then Verify so the user can login

Step 2: Opening the Wrong Company

  • To Locate the Companies after opening the program select Browse
  • Choose the Correct Company and Verify the login

Step 3: User is not Licensed

  • Login to the Company as an Administrator
  • Choose Maintain And Select the Users and Click Set up Security
  • Next to the Users name click the license box
  • Click OK and login as Administrator in the user’s computer
  • Verify the User is still licensed and that user’s can log in

Step 4: Restore backup made before conversion

  • The User Must choose the file they want to comfort
  • When all the options pop up on the screen click on “Reset”
  • Choose the required file to backup to open in the browser
  • Choose the specified reset process from the options given : i) Overwrite existing company data or existing company
  • Create a new company with the restored file
  • When the User wants to restore the backup into a folder to save existing data
  • Click OK and choose the restore option and open the file.

Step 5: Unable to reset the user’s password or Administrator unable to log in

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