Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails

Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails is an Upgrade Error faced by many Users when trying to Upgrade the Sage 500 Software. This Sage 500 Error Can Occur if the User has not followed the proper procedure to Upgrade the Software and that’s when the Utility Fails. To Fix the Sage 500 Utility Fails the User before starting to update the software from the SQL Server as Administrator, they have to must sure to run the spDF_FixPendBatchForDBUpgrade Script. Continue Reading this Article to Know More about the Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails.

Error Code
Upgrade Utility FailsDeveloper:
Sage Group
Error Description
While loading the SQL Script File pre_app.sql ErrorSoftware:

Sage 500
While Upgrading the software the correct process of upgrade was not followed by the userApplies to:

SymptomThe Upgrade Utility FailsPossible Solution

Update the Sage 500 ERP database and create a backup

Exact Error Shown While User facing Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails

The Microsoft SQL Server Native Customer 11.0 Error 3604: ‘The Process sys.sp_dbcmptlevel’ cannot be implemented within an operation


While loading the SQL Script File pre_app.sql Error

Causes of Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails

The Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails when the User is trying to update the software but does not follow the correct procedure to update the software or fogets to update the software and the Utility Fails.

Ways to Fix the Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails

The Sage 500 Upgrade Utility Fails can be Fixed by generating backups and recording all the database and Reinstating the database.

Read More Below in Detail:

  • The Sage 500 ERP database has to be updated, a backup copy must be created, the new SQL Server has to be reinstated to run the Sage 500
  • The database was counted by the upgrade utility

Sage 500 ERP database can be Updated following these steps:

  • All Open Batches in the Computer have to be broadcasted. To Broadcast the batches choose Consignments, generate batches in Accounts Receivables and Process invoices
  • All databases to be generated and recorded
  • To Check the database or server reinstate the database
  • Use a unique name so the fabrication settings is not implicated
  • Sage 500 ERP Installation can be Accessed and related system configuration Tutorial Guidelines to backup and reinstate the database the Sage 500 ERP Database Synchronization Utility
  • In Contrast to the databases Open the DBCC CHECKDB and the uniformity can be confirmed
  • Indexes on the database have to be Reconstituted (DBCC DBREINDEX) not performed strengthens the reliability of the index
  • Run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE relating to the database and upgrades the in use and free space details for the databases
  • The Microsoft SQL Server has to be updated
  • Database Space should be Sufficient
  • The Temp QuickBooks database has to be apprtioned 1 GIG or 1/3rd size of the application database and right growth parameters
  • Check the Appropriate database selection
  • The Correct database recovery model to be set
  • If the Application database is exceeding 10GB but the capacity of the data is not unique, the sp_spaceused ‘tclMainAuditLog’ and sp_spaceused ‘tclMainActivityLog’ quires with the database have to be implemented
  • By choosing the Audit Journal Option in the delete attribute in each component try removing some of the doings if the Audit Journal is Massive
  • Remove any Delinquent Rows that may have been slotted in if the database action journal is outsized
  • On the Customer Machine the Instinctive Tailored Crystal Logs can be overwritten
  • Provided any Modification, Backup the database
  • Using the Sage 500 ERP Update Tool, Update the Database
  • The Sage 500 ERP Express Install Tool can be used to install the latest databases
  • Use the Test Servers or database for update
  • On the Single Customer System install the latest Sage 500 ERP Customer Version
  • The Latest Database has to cross checked to authenticate the outcome the update
  • Reconstitute the indexes in contrast the updated database (s)
  • Run DBCC CHECKDB on the updated database and check the results
  • On the Updated Customer Computer the database is functioning properly can be checked
  • Reinstate the Backup of the databases to the Fabrication Server
  • The Fabrication Database is fixed by the Subordinate Microsoft SQL Server is brought into line with Databases using the Sage 500 ERP Database Synchronization Tool cross check them once again with the updated customer then the rest of the customers can be updated.

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