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Sage 50 is well known and one of the best accounting program for the small and large organization. However, sometimes it shows error messages. The sage backup error is one of them. The error occurs when a user creates a backup, they will see a Display Error – Backup Failed or Restore Failed not able to Restore’ when a user trying to create a folder for backup in C:\Documents and Setting\[username] the restore failed while they restoring the backup created via Winzip application.

You will also face the error when you try to restore a backup and the restore fails due to the corruption of the data. We have elaborated the complete resolution of the issue mentioned below. Follow the provided resolution.

Causes of Sage Backup Error:

The cause of sage backup error is if the files stored are too large & the files are not responding.

For more information read in detail below:

  • When there are backups already present in the SAJ folder, which leaves no room for the new backup.
  • The backup files are always stored in the SAJ folder. We see the ‘Not Responding’ message when the size of the folder is too large.

How to Fix The Sage Backup Error?

To fix the sage backup error first start the Backup process, once the process has began then go and change the USB Backup Location.

To Know more Read the details given below:

Make sure the organization file and record is in the Single User mode to create a backup.

1. Solution One: The Company File is Backed Up in The USB Flash Drive Directly

  • On Sage 50 program backup window.
  • Change the backup folder location from USB drive to a different folder on the computer desktop or either in C:\ drive.
  • Click OK.

2. Solution Two: I Don’t Have Appropriate Benefits to Create The Backup

  • Search the Sage 50 program shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Press the Right-click on the icon and then select the button Run as administrator.
  • Choose Restore from the backup.
  • Follow the procedure in order to restore your backup.
  • In case this thrives, at the point, your system Windows has the limited Sage 50.
Important: You have to uninstall and then reinstall the Sage 50 as an administrator (same procedure to step 2), and then disable the antivirus which is running when you reinstalling your Sage 50.

3. Solution Three: The Size of The File is Too Big Because of The Backup Into The Working Folder (.SAJ)

  • Shut the Sage 50 program.
  • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows key into the keyboard and then press the letter E key which appears on the keyboard.
  • Find the location where you saved your data or file.
  • Search the organization files.SAJ folder and then do double-click on it in order to open its objects.
  • In case there is any backup (.cab files) or in the event that the folder of backup is into them.SAJ folder, change the backup folder to a different location of.SAJ folder.
  • Likewise, check inside the MySQL and simply folders situated into the.SAJ folder in case any backups are there.
  • You should not save the backup data in the.SAJ folder; generally this will occurs once more.
  • In case you restore the backup data which you have moved from the.SAJ folder, a similar issue will happen once more.
  • It is suggested you create new backups and erase the past backup records (as the past backups carry the backup data into the SAJ folder).
  • Attempt to back up the organization file once again.

4. Solution Four: Backup record is saved into the folder of Program files which is limited (Windows 8)

  • On Sage 50 backup screen.
  • Alter the backup folder location from C:\Program files\xxx to a different folder on the desktop or either in C:\ drive.
  • Click OK.

5. Solution Five: Restore is Failed While Restoring The Backup Which is Created by Winzip Application

  • Now, Un-install the Winzip application that transformed the backup file back in the cab file.
  • In case the restore is failed with the similar message, at the point the backup file might be incomplete or corrupt.
  • You may try a different backup.
  • In case the Winzip is required, you have to install again after this process.

6. Solution Six: Location of The Backup File is Indicating to A Non-existent Index/drive

  • On Sage 50 backup screen.
  • Alter the backup folder location from past location into a new area on a network drive.
  • Click OK.

7. Solution Seven: Compatibility Problems with System Windows

  • Press the Right-click on the Sage 50 Accounting program icon and then select Properties.
  • Click the Compatibility.
  • Check the ‘Compatibility mode’ area to make the surety of running the program into the compatibility mode for: is not checked.
  • Click on the OK.

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