Sage 50 Error 22665

Sage 50 Error 22665 is related to installation of database. Database errors can give users a very hard time. The issue can be either with the database software or with Sage. While installing the Pervasive database, some users have encountered this error. No other issues have been reported regarding Sage 50 Error 22665. To Solve the Sage 50 Error, Run the standard installation from the server.

Note: Before beginning with diagnosis of Sage 50 error 22665, we here at AccountingErrors assume that you have prior knowledge of the windows operating system. We do not recommend that you work through these methods without a good knowledge of the OS, otherwise you risk the loss of all your data.

Follow the methods provided below to resolve Sage error 22665

User Account Control

The user account control settings have often prevented installation of software on windows platform. These controls aim to provide better security but sometimes block the installation of certain software. You can only bypass these controls with administrative privileges. If you do not have administrative privileges, then contact the system administrator.

After doing so the system administrator can follow the steps provided below:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Search for User Account Control Settings
  • Turn off the user account controls
  • Install the software

You can even run the setup as an administrator to install the Pervasive database on your system.

Error Code
Error 22665Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description
Error: The installation of the Action Zen [or Pervasive] database has failed. Software:

Sage 50
The installation files that you may have downloaded for Pervasive database may be damaged. Applies to:

SymptomPervasive Database files unable to download, maybe damagedPossible Solution

Uninstall and reinstall Actian Zen or Pervasive

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Error 22665

Error: The installation of the Action Zen [or Pervasive] database has failed.

Causes of Sage 50 Error 22665

Sage Error 22665 is caused  While installing the Pervasive database, The installation files that you may have downloaded for Pervasive database may be damaged.

Steps to Fix Sage 50 Error 22665

To Solve the Sage 50 Error 22665 Try Restarting the computer first. The user has to check if the Pervasive or Action software is compatible.

Read More Below:

Section I: Security software, security settings, or other programs preventing installation

  1. Before starting the installation, disable any anti virus software on the computer.
  2. It may be necessary to disable User Account Control
  3. Install in Selective Startup, refer to How to boot into selective startup?.
  4. Right-click setup.exe, and then select Run as administrator.
  5. Verify the security settings on the install folder (default location: C:\Sage\Sage50_[Release]_[Version]) are set so System and Everyone have Full control.

Section II: Verify correct installer is used

  1. Make sure you are using setup.exe located in the Install directory for the version of Sage you are trying to install.
  2. For example, if installing Version 2022, the directory would be Sage50_2022_[Version].
  3. If using another setup file located somewhere else, exit the install wizard, browse to the correct directory, and double-click setup.exe.

Section III: Uninstall and reinstall Actian Zen or Pervasive

Note: If you have Sage 50 2020 (or higher) and 2019 installed side by side and need to use both, do not remove the Pervasive Software folders, as this may affect the functioning of the 2019 version.

  • 2020 version or higher: Uninstall and reinstall Actian Zen, following How to manually uninstall Actian Zen database engine and How to manually install Actian Zen.
  • 2019 version: Uninstall and reinstall Pervasive, following How to completely remove and reinstall Pervasive.

Section IV: Windows user rights

  1. Verify the current user is a Windows local administrator; if not, either give the user local admin rights, or log in as a local admin.
  2. If using a domain network, verify the current user is both a local admin and a domain admin; if not, either give the user local and domain admin rights, or log in as an administrator that has both.

Section V: Verify if there is an incompatible version of Pervasive or Action software

  1. From Control Panel in Windows, open Programs and Features.
  2. Uninstall other versions of Pervasive if found, it may be listed as Actian PSQL v12 Server Engine SP1
  3. Verify you can install Sage program.

Section VI: Run the standard installation from the server

  1. Browse to \\<servername>\PeachtreeInstaller20xx (for example: PeachtreeInstaller2020).
  2. Open Peachw folder.
  3. Open Install folder.
  4. Right-click _Setup.exe and select Run as administrator.

Damaged Installation Files

The installation files that you may have downloaded for Pervasive database may be damaged. This may cause the error to arise again and again. You should once again download the installation files from their website and then reinstall the program on your system.

Once you’ve downloaded the installation files, follow the steps provided below:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to Program and Features
  • Find Pervasive Database and click on Uninstall
  • Restart your system and log into an administrative account
  • Launch the setup for Pervasive Database
  • Follow the instructions till the software is successfully installed on your system.

You can even use the repair option if you don’t have immediate connectivity to the internet. This may work if the installation files were completely downloaded and the installation encountered an error.

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