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Sage 50 Accounting Software is a one stop solution to all the accounting problems. It fulfills day-to-day business needs. It keeps track of all the accounts related activities of both mid-level and small enterprises. It requires minimal technical knowledge by the user to work on it and is easy to use and operate. It assist in monitoring activities like purchases, sales, cash inflow and outflow, budgets, payroll, employee management, tax filing for your enterprise.

Sage 50 Error 49153 is a Database Error. This error is encountered when your Sage 50 Accounting Software tries to make connection with the database but fails to connect. Sage 50 Error 49153 means that you are unable to access SQL Database.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Error 49153

Error: “Cannot access database (error=49153)” during login to an existing system.


When the user tries to login to database and it fails to connect, that causes Sage Error 49153.

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You can get Error 49153 because of the following resaons:

  • Check the Database Connection

Firstly you need to check the DBSETUP utility, is associated with your Company. To access and check this utility navigate the following path as an Administrator User -: Start ButtonàProgramsàSageàSage 300 2012 (or your version)àDatabase Setup

  • Login as Administrator by using your login credentials. Once you login you can view all your Company profiles. Double click on the setup properties and go through the Server List. Along with the Server List is also displayed the device name. Check for which database you are facing error, by clicking on each of the database and next clicking OK. If you receive error you need to rectify the settings. If the error persists for all the database listed then it is the problem of SQL server connection in your computer
  • If more than one user of Sage 50 application is getting Error 49153 while trying to Login then it is the database server error. If only one user is facing this error, the problem is not with the database server, it is with the specific computer or workstation


To run the below mentioned resolutions, ensure that your Database Server is running. To verify this you need to ‘ping’ to your database. 

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  • Click on Start Button and type ‘cmd’, you will be taken to the DOS version or command promt
  • On the C: prompt type ‘ping yourdatabaseservername’
  • If your database server is properly connected you should be receiving proper reply like – “Reply from bytes=32 time=69ms TTL=47
  • Once connected to the database perform the following steps
  • In Start Menu run command type “Services.msc” and select OK
  • From the list of services select SQL Server, and check whether the service is started or not. To do so look into the status column- it should read “Started”
  • If the service is not yet started, select the SQL Server from the list right-click and select “Start”. This would start your SQL Server
  • Ensure that the status is now changed from blank to ‘Started’
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