Sage Error Code Ause001

What is Sage Error Code Ause001 & How to Fix It?

Sage accounting software is one of the is a business management softwares by Sage Group used for smoothening the financial and accounting process of small and medium businesses.

Exact Error Shown That User Facing Sage Error Code Ause001

The Sage Update Service cannot be contacted or connection to the checking-service host cannot be established.

To enhance businesses, Sage has introduced several versions. Some of them are:

  • Sage Fixed Assets which helps in Managing depreciation,Tracking inventory,Planning projects, Professional Services, Barcode Tracking, etc.
  • Sage HRMS which helps in all Human Resource Management functions.
  • Sage 50 with anytime, anywhere cloud access.
  • Sage 300 helps you manage finances, inventory, and operations in multiple languages and currencies.
  • Sage Payment Solutions and Moneris helps improve payment processing process.


  • It helps in speeding up cash flow and reduces costs thus providing Sound Accounting Package.
  • Critical data is preserved with user-security, files business taxes, provides a very powerful system of reporting on inventory, provides Multiple Cost Databases & a Regularly Updated Database.
  • Helps in assisting one’s business in strategic financial planning
  • Helps in developing concrete financial reports
  • Aids in itemizing inventory & expenses
  • Lesser Consumption of time
  • Aids in vendor management
  • Helps in creating financial clarity and aids in making effective, precise management with simple tools.

Like all Softwares, Sage Accounting Software is also prone error. Sage Error Code AUSE001 is one such error that is commonly reported by the users. In such scenario you need to connect with the Sage support team to fix the error to avoid further complexities that might hinder the work flow.

What is Sage Error Code AUSE001?

Sage Error Code AUSE001 indicates the Sage Update Service cannot be contacted or connection to the checking-service host cannot be established.

Possible Causes for the Sage Error Code AUSE001?

The Sage Error Code AUSE001 is caused due to damage in the windows file in the system or an improper installation of windows file.
To Know More Read Below:
  • When the update service Sage is not available 
  • When the application fails to establish a stable connection with the server
  • Invalid Card number or CVV number, insufficient balance or even if card is expired
  • There can be an issue in the hardware or application
  • Incomplete Uninstallation or Installation of Windows File
  • The Windows was shutdown in an improper way
  • The Windows File on the system is damaged
  • The Sage Update Service could not be contacted .
  • There is a failure to establishing a connection to the checking-service host

How to Fix The Sage Error Code Ause001?

The solution to Sage Error code AUSE001 Is to first check the time & date is correct on the system.  

To Know more Read Below in detail:

Here are two tips of how you can resolve/fix this problem. Sage recommends to follow the steps in the given sequence to get positive results:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    Please check that your browser permits pop-ups, and that you have no plug-ins that are enabled which could forestall the Chat window from opening.

  2. Step Three

    If you are using a proxy server, please see to it that your proxy settings are well in place.

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