Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

Why Does This Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email Occurs & How to Fix It?

Sage 50 accounting software is considered as trustable and user-friendly software which is mainly developed for new, small and medium size business. Sage software is completely loaded with multiple amazing features that provide a continual growth of small business particularly.

Worldwide experts give preference and recommendation to other user due to it’s an extraordinary benefit. Designing and generating reports with taking printout with printer is one of the most important necessities of any business. Sage 50 not only allow in the instant creation of reports, but also allow customization of reports as per their necessity of the business. Many times the user is trying to print out their important document and file but it shows error Sage the report has failed to output to email.

While using Microsoft Outlook, The user is not able to email documents from Sage 50 or Sage Accounts. At this time the following error appear on their system. This error had happened due to incorrect setting or reports specific issues. Unable to send all emails or Failed to output to email. The user need to check Microsoft Outlook opens correctly.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

Causes of Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

The cause for Sage Report failed to output email is if the current version of outlook used by the user is not compatible with Sage.

For more information read below in detail:

  • Check their version of Outlook is compatible with their Sage software. They are using the desktop version and not cloud based.
  • Updates all install of the version of Outlook.
  • After completing this task, try to email their document again.

Solutions for Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

A Simple solution for Sage Report failed to output email is to first check & run administrator of Sage and Outlook.

For More read below in detail:

1. Solutions One

  • Check and run administrator of Sage software and Outlook
  • Shut down all the software. Right select the Outlook.
  • Select on Properties and select on the Compatibility tab. Tick on run this program as an administrator.
  • Select on Ok and right select the Sage software shortcut.
  • Tick on Properties and select the compatibility tab and click ok.
  • Try emailing them document again.

2. Solution Two

  • Shutdown and reopen Microsoft Outlook and check that it correctly opens.
  • Right to select any file on the system, click on send to.
  • Select Mail Recipient.

3. Solution Three

  • Hold the Window key +R write Control/name Microsoft. Default.
  • Click on Ok. Right select on any file on the system.
  • Select to send to and click on Mail Recipient.

4. Solution Four

  • Click on Setting and select email default.
  • Select the relevant tab and click on the invoice.
  • Select the override Default Outlook Signature and click on Ok.
  • With Sage Payroll issue
  • Select Printer Offsets and select on Email Setup.
  • Select on Microsoft Outlook and click on the MAPI is specific the report.g
  • Select ok click on No
  • Again, try to emailing their document again.

On the other hand, if the user is already troubleshoot the error of: Sage the report has failed to output to email with upper solutions. The user still faces the same error again and again with their system e-mailing.

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