Sage Unable to Connect to server

What is Sage Unable to Connect to server & How to Fix It?

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Unable to Connect to server

Unable to Connect to Server or Server Cannot Be Found

  • Incorrect IP Address, Server Name or Port.
  • DNS issue with Network.
  • Firewall Security Settings.
  • “Sessions.pvk”is corrupt.

Here are some of the causes that we have noticed whenever the Sage Unable to Connect to server occurs. However, the solution on this network requires high and advanced skills of the network. Any wrong modification or incorrect changes in Windows Security may cause severe problems. It is always recommended that you always take back up of your company files and folder before you start any resolution process.

We are mentioning some of the solutions that will help you in getting the error resolved. If the error doesn’t get resolved or you need information on reasons and causes, Other error which might occur in the process is Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode.


The Sage Unable to Connect to server error occurs if there is an issue in the network DNS or the IP Address was entered incorrectly.

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Solution of Sage Unable to Connect to Server

To solve Sage Unable to Connect to server error Check if the IP Address was entered correctly within the icon properties.

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Before moving to steps, Please make sure to fulfill below action.

Verify that you have entered correct Server Name or IP Address on your WorkStation.

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    Locate “..\MAS90\Launcher”folder on your system.

  2. Step Two

    Open file ini.

  3. Step Three

    Locate the Server. After the text: “1=”, Server Name or IP Address will be mentioned

  4. Step Four

    If the Server Name and IP Address are incorrect, enter correct IP Address or Server Name.

  5. Step Five

    Uninstall and then reinstall system’s setup.

  6. Step Six

    Now, check that the port is not open by the Firewall. The port should be open.

  7. Step Seven

    Verify the Server Name or IP Address and port were correctly entered in the boxes.

  8. Step Eight

    In the Windows Firewall, you need to Create Inbound rule for PVXWIN32.exe process.

  9. Step Nine

    Navigate to Control Panel and open it–> click on Administrative Tools –> go to Windows firewall –> click on Advanced settings

  10. Step Ten

    Right-click on Inbound Rules and click on New Rule

  11. Step Eleven

    Open Program, click on Next

  12. Step Twelve

    Now, open “This program path:”and then browse to <drive letter>\..\mas90\home\pvxwin32.exe(e. C:\Sage\MAS90\Home\pvxwin32.exe) on server

  13. Step Thirteen

    Now, click on Next till you do not get to “Specify the name and Description of this Rule”screen

  14. Step Fourteen

    Then, Enter the Name for Rule

  15. Step Fifteen

    Now, click on Finish

Here are some of the solutions for Sage Unable to Connect to server that we have discussed with you, there can be some other resolutions based on the error and its occurrence. You need to specifically identify the error and the cause of the error and then only you can apply the resolution process. Other errors can also occur like Sage Error Server Busy. The resolution process can be bit technical.

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