Sage Un-fixable Errors

What are Sage Unfixable Errors & How to Fix Them?

Whenever Sage Unfixable Errors occur, the first step that the user needs to follow: restore backup data. Before restoring the backup, you need to back-up all the data with a particular file name. It should be saved on desktop.

Sage is an accounting software, it is a complete software in itself to counter such errors. But due to some external issues (out of sage software), the software may face errors.

Causes Of Sage Unfixable Errors

The cause for Sage Un-fixable Errors is when Sage disagrees the amount paid in foreign currency &  total amount paid in splits.

Read more in detail below:

  • “Number 0” error message flashes during transaction.
  • Disagrees with amount paid in foreign currency and total paid in splits.
  • Mismatch in header transaction.
  • Metadata for table – missing.
  • Mismatch in split transaction and header transaction.
  • Invalid transaction type at the time of transaction.
  • When you try to restore backup data.

These are the certain reasons, there can be various other technical and functional reasons which are specifically related to foreign payments and transactions.

How to Resolve Sage Unfixable Errors

To fix sage un-fixable errors first run repair and take a backup.

For more information read below in detail:

1. Method One

  • Open File menu and click on Backup.
  • Now, click on the file menu, double-click to restore the file.
  • Now, follow the steps and complete the procedure of restoring.

2. Method Two:

  • Click to Back-up your Data.
  • Go to Menu bar, click on File and then click on Backup
  • Check the data and click on yes. Now, close the screen.
  • Give your back-up a name and then click on Browse.
  • Click on all the files that you want to take backup of. Click on the check box (s) of the file you want to include.
  • Now, click on Ok to finish the process.
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