Upgrading from Sage 2017 to Sage 2018

Why Upgrade from Sage 2017 to Sage 2018

July 2017 was the revolutionary period for small and medium business because Sage Group has launched “Sage 2018”. They have up upgraded this new version of Sage 2018 with some enhanced features and modules which will make your daily task quick and very simple. This software can be easily understood easily and any person, whether they have a finance or accounting background can work on it easily.

Sage comes up with new updates every year, which has resolved some previous years errors and issues and provides a smooth experience. It is kind of necessary for every software to come up with new updates regarding new features from time to time. If you want  make enquiry about this new edition of Sage 2018 along with other Sage products like Sage 50 2018 Canada Edition, Sage 50 Premier 2018, etc.


Here are some new features which are incorporated in Sage 2018:

  • You get a wide range of sage products to choose from according to your business requirements. You can select from basic Sage Accounting to Enterprise-level business management.
  • Easily management of inventory, employees and clients.
  • Various add-on modules which include payroll and credit card process.

System Requirements for Upgrading to Sage 2018

If you are trying to upgrade your Sage 2017 or any other previous version to the latest Sage 2018, then you need to see to the system requirements.

  • Your processor should be minimum 2.0 GHz or higher.
  • 4 GB RAM is recommended or higher.
  • You should have minimum 2 GB space in your hard-disk along with some extra 1 GB which is required for installation of the software.
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • It functions best with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 but also supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  • 256-color or higher SVGA supporting monitor with a minimum of resolution of 1024X768 .
  • CD-ROM drive for CD installation.
  • Word and Excel integration requires 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 or 2016.
  • If you are installing Sage 50c then you might need Microsoft Office 365 Business premium.
  • If you have subscribed for Sage Online services like Sage Drive then you need high speed internet connections.

Your system should have above mentioned requirements if you want to successfully download and install Sage 2018. After installing this solution, you can enjoy all its benefit and work smoothly. It remarkable features will definitely boost your work flow and its modules are integrated with other apps and software which can also benefit you.

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