The Solution for Not Responding Error in Mac When Sending QuickBooks Email

The QuickBooks is most popular accounting software and it provides the account management solution in Windows and Mac both. If you are using the Mac system, you can store and track all your business account information in QuickBooks. The QuickBooks can be used in Mac system for the account management in small and large both type of businesses. You can track the account activities, send the invoices and can manage the transactions in this software. Sometimes when the user tries to send the email from QuickBooks, Mac displays the no responding error message to the user.

The Mac users use the QuickBooks to send the invoices, statements and receipts. When the user tries to send these messages using email, QuickBooks shows the error message and displays not responding to the users. This error can occur due to the following causes:

  • This error can occur if the form template is using the type 1 (T1) fonts.
  • This can be caused if there is any conflict between the QuickBooks software and the driver of any multi functional printer connected to your system.
  • The no responding error can occur if the form template is damaged in your system.

These are some general causes which can create the no responding error in the Mac when the user tries to send QuickBooks email. If you are also facing this problem in your QuickBooks, this problem can be solved by using the following solutions:

  • Edit the form templates:

You should replace the Type 1 (T1) form templates fonts with true type (TT) fonts. You will navigate to Lists > Templates. Then you will choose the TT fonts instead of T1 fonts. Save the changes after the selection of true type fonts. It will help you to resolve the problem otherwise you can try other solutions for this problem.

  • Change the driver of multi functional printer:

You should install a different driver for your multi functional printer device. You can change the driver or can use the updated version of your current driver.

Then you will choose the form name which you want to email. You will also choose the printer name which you are recently installed. Then you should try to send any transaction to check if the problem is solved.

  • Delete temporary internet files:

When you use the internet browser of your system, it automatically saves the temporary files of the web pages. If the system has lots of temporary files, it can hang or freeze. So you should clear the temporary files of your internet browser. It will help to get rid of the no responding error of QuickBooks.

These are the general solutions which can help you to solve the problem if your Mac system is displaying the not responding message when sending email from QuickBooks. If you are still facing this problem, you should contact to the QuickBooks technical support staff by dialing ✆+1-855-481-5338. They have experts who can help you to get the best solution of this problem.

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