Solution for Unexpected Error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo for Path

QuickBooks is one of the popular accounting tools that is helpful to owners of small business companies who want to manage the business accounts in perfect way. If you are also using QuickBooks tool for your business company, you never want to face any problem or error in it. But users are facing the unexpected error of QuickBooks netsharegetinfo in their accounting tool.

This is a very common error that can occur when user is attempting to access the company file of QuickBooks and the user sees the message of “Got unexpected error 5 in call to NetShareGetInfo for path” in this case.

This error can also occur in QuickBooks when QBDataServiceUser doesn’t have any proper access to the location of file in QuickBooks. If you are looking to resolve this error in your QuickBooks, you have to make sure that all permissions are properly set up for your counting tool to function properly.

If you are also facing this unexpected error of QuickBooks in your system, you want a quick resolution of this error. To resolve this error in your QuickBooks system, you need to use the following process:

Solution of unexpected error 5 in call to netsharegetinfo

If you want to solve this error in your QuickBooks, QuickBooks file doctor can be a good solution for you. You need to download and install this tool in your computer system and this tool will help you to automatically set all file and folder permissions to correct level and it will help to ensure that hosting is properly set up in your system. In your system settings, you will need to give full control to both users in permission level settings. It will help you through give the proper access to location of file in your QuickBooks.

This solution will probably help to solve this error message of “Got unexpected error 5 in call to NetShareGetInfo for path” in your QuickBooks system. If QuickBooks file doctor tool is unable to help you for solution of this error, you should contact to the ✆+1-855-481-5338 support service providers of QuickBooks. You can easily get the support service for your accounting tools and they will help you to get solution of this error in your accounting tool. You do not need to worry about any kind of problem in your QuickBooks because they are able to provide best technical support services to solve every problem of QuickBooks users.

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